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Testimony Rehearsal Pix!

Sunday, November 9 2003
Check out the pix of Neal Morse and the full-blown spectacular 8 piece Testimony Orchestra practicing in Nashville for the upcoming tour.  The band was TIGHT-I hope you got a chance to see the show! The band performed the entire Testimony project and some other "top secret" material.  Everyone was in fine spirits-these are 8 of the nicest guys you can imagine.  And when they play together it is raging egos here, just a team of wonderful players working hard to put on a show you will NEVER forget.  Smooth saxophone, haunting violin, classy cello, sizzin' mandolin (!), banging bongos, swirling keyboards, steel guitar, fantastic flute, shakers (oh yeah, lotsa shakers), deep Squire-esque bass tones, unbelievably powerful drums and a dazzling array of guitars make for a potent musical brew folks.  Top it off with a tasty vocal arrangement and an band made up of a some of the classiest musicians you will find and you have the makings of one of the most powerful evenings of music you will ever experience. Neal and the fellows are having a BLAST, and it shows!


Mike Portnoy, John Krovoza, Randy George, Neal Morse, and the back of Eric Brenton's head


Neal & Mike Portnoy chat catch up before the rehearsal


Neal gets cranking.  That's Rick Altizer in the background


Eric on steel guitar creating aural magic, Portnoy & Randy in the background

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