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Interviews with Rich Williams of Kansas and Mike Roe of the 77s!

Soul Frequency is a web 'zine - - Pictures (many exclusive), reviews and info about artists & our radio show

AND an FM radio show (WDNS-FM - Bowling Green's Classic Rock D-93), also appearing on WCVK-FM and WJVK-FM for special events.

AND a Yahoo music discussion group -

Soul Frequency FM Radio Show

WDNS-FM 93.3-Sunday Nights from 11 PM-1 AM-COMMERCIAL FREE!
Soul Frequency Radio Productions also produces radio shows for several other stations..WCVK-FM 90.7 FM in Bowling Green, KY and WJVK-FM 91.7 FM in Owensboro, KY.






Please e-mail Barry for contact information if you wish us to review or play your music.  We LOVE to hear new music and share it with the masses.  In addition to the radio shows, Barry is a staff review for the Phantom Tollbooth Web Magazine-


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If you have a chat client like mIRC just go to options, connect, use the down arrow button beside IRC Network: and choose ShadowFire from the list....once connected to the network type in /join #dimensions or copy and paste that into the dialog box and it will lead you directly to our chat room.






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