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Glass Hammer Chat Log-Part I

January 8, 2004

* GHSteve has joined #dimensions

<DJBarry> Hey Steve!
<Keith> Hey Steve
<canarioab> hey Steve!
<DJBarry> Folks, Steve from
  Glass Hammer has entered the
<GHSteve> Fred is on his way.
<DJBarry> Folks, welcome to
  the Green Dragon Inn...
<DJBarry> A special night in
  the tavern
<Brian_from_NF> COOL!  Fred is
  coming too =)
<DJBarry> We have with us that
  band of merry makers...
<DJBarry> Glass Hammer
<GHSteve> Which Brian is here?
<DJBarry> Steve, Rebecca, and
<canarioab> Brian Nielsen from
  the choir
<AjalonDude> Hey Van!
<GHSteve> Hey Rebecca...if you
  don't know...she plays
  violin on Shadowlands.
<GHSteve> Hey Brian!
<canarioab> oh cool
<Brian_from_NF> And April, the
  mighty director!
<canarioab> :)
<GHSteve> Rebecca is VERY
<Brian_from_NF> HEY steve,  
  thanks for the little favor
<GHSteve> Flo as you know -
  sings with us and does the
  first female solo on Shadowla
<DJBarry> Yeah, and April...mig
  hty director!
<GHSteve> No Prob Brian!
<DJBarry> From NearFest
<Benji> Fred must be turning
  his mini moog on
<GHSteve> April - do you like
  the new album?
<GHSteve> If Fred is tuning,
  we'll be awhile.
<canarioab> Well Steve ... I
  love the liner notes :-) ...
  to be honest, I havent been
  able to listen yet
<Brian_from_NF> And I can't
  get NF out of my head
<GHSteve> April!
<GHSteve> I guess you'll hear
  it tonight.
<GHSteve> Barry - did you get
  the suprise track?
<GHfanSam> Hiho!
<DJBarry> Hey, there is Stephan
<GHSteve> Hey Sam!
<canarioab> surprise track?
<DJBarry> I did Steve
<GHfanSam> I'm late, but still
<GHSteve> Hear it yet?
<canarioab> Hi Steph
<GHfanSam> *still
<canarioab> we're still waiting
   for Fred :)
<DJBarry> Actually, I AM
  getting it now
* DJBarry is currently download
  ing an EXCLUSIVE Glass
  Hammer cut
<Brian_from_NF> we wants it, 
  our preciousssss
<DJBarry> To share with ya'll
<GHSteve> You can start if you
  want - Fred may take a bit.
<Brian_from_NF> exclusive
  glass hammer cuts,  yessss
<DJBarry> LOL...we will start
  right after this
<Brian_from_NF> yay =)    fred
  and steve
<Mike> Hey Keith..Hey Barry...
<canarioab> oh that's too funny
<GHSteve> Go ahead and start
<Mike> Hey Benji..
<GHSteve> Fred has a java
  virus from last nights chat.
<GHSteve> He'll be along
<GHSteve> Hey Randy!
* Benji has his deadly drink
  and is back
<GHammerFlo> Ok..back
<Benji> Hi Mike
<AjalonDude> Steve O!
<Mike> Hello Steve...nice to
  see you back here again at
  Imaginary Dimensions...
<AjalonDude> What up bro!
<Brian_from_NF1> =0
<Mike> Hey Randy!
<GHSteve> Hey Mike!
<AjalonDude> Mike!
<AjalonDude> Kuhl?
<Mike> WAZZUP!!!!
<Mike> Yeah buddy...
<DJBarry> Mikey, good to have
  you buddy, hope you are well!
<AjalonDude> Wazzzzup!
<Mike> in the cyberflesh...
<DJBarry> 8,2 Now Playing:
  FS20 Hour1
<GHSteve> Lets ROCK!!!
<Brian_from_NF1> I am, what I
  belive I are
<DJBarry> We rocking it!
<GHSteve> Fred has had the Flu
<Benji> You are what you is
<DJBarry> I am what I Yam
<GHSteve> Thats all I am.
<DJBarry> Commercial here!
<DJBarry> HOHO
* Brian_from_NF has quit IRC
(Ping timeout)
<GHammerFlo> Hey is there a 24
  link, or only 56? because it
  keeps stalling.....
<DJBarry> The interview begins!
<GHfanSam> 3i love the alternati
<GHSteve> Cool!
<GHSteve> Hope I don't sound
  like an idiot.
<Brian_from_NF1> not at all!
<GHfanSam> 3ooh, time for
  multitasking.... *gulp*
<GHSteve> Here comes the hype!
<Mike> Barry, I am doing okay,
  frustrated with trying to
  close on buying this house
  here in Ashland, I am STILL
  in a hotel!  Week 9 here!
<DJBarry> Hype!
<GHSteve> We're 80s guys.
<canarioab> that's why we're
  here ;)
<Benji> sorry flo....they need
  to pay you more so you can
  go high speed
<GHfanSam> wait... album #10?
<GHfanSam> You said 8 last
<GHSteve> Oops - its 8.
<GHfanSam> haha
<Brian_from_NF1> uh oh,   sam
  attack dog is on the sniff!
<DJBarry> Listen to how nice
  they are to each other
<GHSteve> Not counting tma-2
  of course.
<GHSteve> and wyzards.
<GHammerFlo> lol..yeah, no
  high speed here!
<AjalonDude> 80's?
<canarioab> so which one is
  Batman, and which one is
<DJBarry> Sorry Flo!
<AjalonDude> You can't be
  younger than me are you?
<Brian_from_NF1> heh heh.....
<GHammerFlo> No worries:)
<GHSteve> I'm 25.
<Brian_from_NF1> lol GH FORUMS!
<GHfanSam> YEAH!
<canarioab> you wish Steve ;)
<AjalonDude> God I'm old
<GHfanSam> u'm a hammerforumhea
<GHSteve> A new term was
  invented during last nights
<DJBarry> I am a Hammerhead
<GHSteve> hammerhead is officia
  l now.
<Brian_from_NF1> Whats the
<Brian_from_NF1> oh jeez.....
<GHSteve> But GH uses 'mulitvox
<GHfanSam> Proud to be a
<GHSteve> Someone explain
<DJBarry> Multivox...noun
<AjalonDude> More than vocalist
<GHfanSam> the awesome layers
  of vocals that you got going
  in tales and at the end of
<GHSteve> Someone used the
  term to describe our layored
<DJBarry> Copyright 2004 Glass
<GHSteve> Right!
<GHSteve> SAm's got it.
<GHfanSam> w00t
<Brian_from_NF1> lol sweet....
   so with the choir, was it
<DJBarry> See Sam's definition
  above...she types faster
  than me!
<Brian_from_NF1> oops...
<GHfanSam> ;)
<GHSteve> Ha!  UltraVox =
  choir + multivox.
<DJBarry> Music coming up!
<Brian_from_NF1> lol yay!
<AjalonDude> I used to listen
  to them
<AjalonDude> Ultravox
<Keith> I still listen to Ultravox..
<GHSteve> Flo - there's a
  surprise track tonight -
  something you took part in.
<AjalonDude> Yeah!
<AjalonDude> Vienna
<Brian_from_NF1> oooh...
  steve's being clever ;-)
* Brian_from_NF1 has quit IRC
(Quit: Leaving)
<GHSteve> BTW - Flo is working
  on a great album of her own.
<GHammerFlo> Hmmmm??? a surpris
* Brian_from_NF has joined
<GHSteve> Yes - something you
  helped with though.
<GHSteve> Randy - I'm not
  really 25.
<Brian_from_NF> 9=)
<GHfanSam> musiccccccc :)
<GHfanSam> i would speak in
  colors but i'm too lazy to
  keep clicking the stupid
  button :-p
<DJBarry> Yes, ULTRA secret
  EXCLUSIVE tuneage...little
  later this evening
<Brian_from_NF> 9::rocks head
  back and forth to the crazy
<Brian_from_NF> haha sam
<GHfanSam> I'm stoked, bro
<DJBarry> NP-Glass Hammer-So
  Close, So Far
<GHSteve> Who has heard the
  album so far?
<GHammerRebecca> my connection
  is a 56k modem, but the
  live365 broadcast only comes
  in faster there
  any way to get a slower
<GHfanSam> me! oh, me!
<Benji> I have
<GHammerRebecca> the audio
  keeps dropping out to buffer
<AjalonDude> Why am I not
<DJBarry> Me, many times!
<Brian_from_NF> 5rebecca, try
  using the mp3 link... it
  *should* throttle back
  quality automatically
<DJBarry> I love this song!
<Benji> I got it Christmas Eve
<canarioab> this is my first
  listen ... I didn't get the
  CD until monday due to
  travel, and just haven't
  been able to sit and listen
<GHSteve> 4Coo Benji.
<GHSteve> Cool April - hope
  you like :)
<GHammerRebecca> i am using
  the mp3 link
<Brian_from_NF> 5yay! April-
  you will love it   ----
  go screamin keys!
* GHFred has joined #dimensions
<DJBarry> Wicked B-3 there
<Brian_from_NF> oh....  =/  
<GHfanSam> multivox
<AjalonDude> What's up with
  the panning thing? is it in
  the mix or my connection?
<DJBarry> FRED!
<GHSteve> Fred is in the house!
<Benji> hi fred
<canarioab> because of course
  I couldn't hear any of it at
  my brother's house :)
<GHFred> hey- made it *g*
<GHfanSam> Hi fred!
<GHfanSam> Doing better today?
<Brian_from_NF> dude, its the
  mix =)  i think...
<GHammerFlo> are ya still
<Brian_from_NF> 5HEY FRED!!!!!
* Keith sets mode: +o GHFred
<GHFred> a little- went to the
  store and it wiped me out
* DJBarry adjusts his settings
<GHSteve> Rebecca - is steven
  with you?
* g]}N\}\n|| has joined #dimens
* g]}N\}\n|| has quit IRC
(Client closed connection)
<Benji> sounds good here
<DJBarry> Sound better?  I was
  overmodulating a tad
<canarioab> same here
* Brian_from_NF has quit IRC
(Quit: Leaving)
<canarioab> yes it does
<Benji> watch out for the spam
* Brian_from_NF_Choir has
joined #dimensions
<GHammerRebecca> actually
  steven is talking for rebecca
   right now
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> 5=)
<DJBarry> Hey Steven!
<GHSteve> Oh hi steven!
<canarioab> jeez Brian ...
  stay 0put will ya?
<GHfanSam> hi steven
<GHSteve> Julie is here with
<DJBarry> Stevearino
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> sorry....
<DJBarry> Hey Julie!
<GHfanSam> hi julie
<GHSteve> All say hi to Julie!
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> hey
* Benji is breaking in some
  new speakers on tonight's
<GHSteve> HI to all says Julie.
<DJBarry> Steve said nice
  things about you last night!
<GHfanSam> suliad - greetings
<GHammerFlo> Hey Julie!
<GHfanSam> that's sindarin
<DJBarry> Oh, good night to
  break em in SunKing!
<canarioab> Hi Julie!
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> Man
  Steph.... lol 
<DJBarry> Cool female vox
<GHSteve> Hey April (from
  Julie) - Hey all.
<GHSteve> This is Flo singing
<GHfanSam> 3YAY FLO!
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> gooooo
<drumvan> question for fred or
  steve: who 's doing the
  drums on this cd?
<GHfanSam> That was special
  enough for color. :)
<DJBarry> Go Flo, go Flo!
<GHSteve> All must say worthy
  things about flo now.
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> but noy
  bold sam?
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> not*
<GHfanSam> everyone's a critic
<GHfanSam> :-p
* DJBarry lifts his flagon and
  toasts Flo!
<GHFred> i'm trying to sign up
  for the braodcast- brb
<GHfanSam> Pass the miruvor! 
<GHammerFlo> hey thanks!..i
  can't hear anything right I'll just take
  everyone's word for it;)
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> fred....
  you shouldnt have to sign up
<GHSteve> Flo has a sweet
<GHfanSam> i concur
<DJBarry> "stronger than
  entropy"...great lyric!
<Benji> Fred's keyboard work
  is just
  the break in this song and
  the end of track 5 as well
<GHfanSam> i know!
<GHfanSam> especially like it
  as someone who struggled
  with that in chemistry...
<GHfanSam> entropy is evil
<DJBarry> Nice gee-tar break
<DJBarry> Zat you Steve?
<DJBarry> Or Fredster?
<GHSteve> That be Fred.
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> lol
  theres a Great Moxy Fruvous
  song called 'Entropy'  its
  actually geeky lol
<GHSteve> I play bass and
  keys, but no guitar.
<canarioab> ok Fred, is there
  anything you DON'T play?
<GHSteve> Violin :) lol
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> I bet
  Fred doesnt play the bazouki
<DJBarry> I thought you both
  played every single flippin
<canarioab> hey. too bad
  Walter's not here ... I did
  the vocals on 'Icarus' for a
  Kansas virtual cover band in
<GHfanSam> kazoos?
<AjalonDude> But doe he play
<DJBarry> 'Cept Rebeccahs
  lovely violin
<DJBarry> Cool part here
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> oooh..
  keys =)
<GHSteve> Walter is probably
  out doing a gig.
<GHammerFlo> what about the
  didgeridoo? (I'm SURE I
  butchered the spelling on
  that one!)
<DJBarry> MULTIVOX dead ahead!
<GHSteve> Cuz that is what
  Walter duz.
<canarioab> heh
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> hahahaha
<GHfanSam> that walter....
  tisk tisk
<GHammerRebecca> I'm glad Fred
  doesn't play everything
<GHammerRebecca> then they
  wouldn't need me
<DJBarry> After the solo that
<canarioab> he of the hair
<Benji> this is great here
<GHSteve> We need you Rebecca.
<DJBarry> Yay!
<GHSteve> Or steven.
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> that is
  SOOO multivox!
<GHfanSam> :-D
<GHammerRebecca> ha!
<GHFred> hey, finally- got
  audio.  what a hassle *lol*
<GHSteve> Here comes the
<DJBarry> Sorry Fredster!
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> 5yay fred
<GHammerRebecca> seriously
  Fred-- I'm still having
  trouble with it!
<GHFred> that's OK
<canarioab> I'm glad I thought
  you started at 8 Eastern, I
  had an hour to figure it out
<AjalonDude> Wow I just log in
  and away I go.
<drumvan> do you guys prefer
  using "v-drums" or acoustic
  to record?
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> lol yay,
  april pulled me in early
<GHammerFlo> for the love of
  pete, will it ever stop
  rebuffering??!! *Throws
  hands in the air in desperati
<DJBarry> Welcome to our
  special Glass Hammer Shadowla
  nds listening party
<GHammerRebecca> same here Flo
* Benji looks for pete
<GHFred> well, digi drums have
  a lot of advantages, but I
  like real drums
<GHammerRebecca> and the
  answer is no
<DJBarry> Pull up a chair in
  the Green Dragon Inn, and
  get your drinks ordered
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> 10aww....
  its coming in very near
  cd quality for me =(
<GHSteve> 4We're using real
  drums on the next album.
<GHFred> digi drums are just
  too easy though!!
<AjalonDude> Real drums!
<GHSteve> Matt should be
  joining us for the recording.
<canarioab> so do I re: real
<canarioab> drums
<drumvan> good to hear! :)
<GHammerRebecca> Did I miss
  the interview?
<DJBarry> Van is a drummer!
<canarioab> the next one you
<Benji> are you guys still
  asking Neal to join you on
  the next one like you talked
  about last August?
<GHFred> Chronometree was real
  drums and it was a chore
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> theres
  more interview coming im sure
<DJBarry> No, interview intersp
  ersed w/music Rebecca
<GHSteve> Rebecca - he's
  playing it in between the
<GHSteve> multivox
<GHammerRebecca> Got it- cool
<AjalonDude> Gosh April I have
  this picture of you and Neal
  Morse that keeps poping up
  on my Screensaver slideshow
* DJBarry misprounounces
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> hehe...
  disembowling horse =)
<drumvan> piece of cake  with
<canarioab> oh AWESOME
* SJ has joined #dimensions
<GHfanSam> i so want a horse
  like this
<GHSteve> Liiiiiisettttte
<DJBarry> Hey SJ!
<GHfanSam> This is the most
  hilarious story i've ever
  heard, i think
<Keith> Hi SJ
<DJBarry> Welcome to da show!
<GHSteve> Here's a song about
  a people - eating horse.
<SJ> heya
<GHfanSam> a horse that gores
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> 5Sam
  wants to rule the world
  too,  not happening
<GHammerFlo> mommy, can i have
  a disemboweling pony??
<DJBarry> People eating horses
  scare me
<GHfanSam> Seriously, how much
  better could it get?
<GHfanSam> Ho, you wanna bet,
<GHSteve> Yes you can flo.
<GHammerRebecca> I loooooove SJ
<GHammerRebecca> I mean-
<GHammerFlo> lol
<GHSteve> Multivox.
<GHammerRebecca> I'm in love
  with him
<GHfanSam> You just wait... my
  personal secret ploice will
  be knowkcing on your door....
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> I'll
  never bow to you sam!
<canarioab> only if you take
  care of your disemboweling
  puppy first
<GHFred> a zombie brain-eating
  horse would be cooler
<SJ> ooooh its GHammerRebecca!
<GHSteve> Good idea fred.
<GHSteve> Very cool!
<GHfanSam> Well....
<DJBarry> I was glad to hear
  the end of the story from
  the "horses" mouth
<GHSteve> Rebecca plays on
  this song.
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> i love
  the that slide on the guitars
<canarioab> boo
<SJ> rebecca's my favorite GH
  member :)
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> pipes!!!!
<GHammerFlo> hmm..I do have an
  aggressive cat..but he
  doesn't bite people open.....
  that often
<DJBarry> Ah, luvly pipe organ!
<GHSteve> SJ - who are you?
<GHammerRebecca> I would hope
<GHfanSam> I have brothers...
<GHSteve> Oh - steve.
<SJ> a fan
<GHfanSam> And they do bite,
<GHFred> becca has a groupy-
  cool *g*
<GHSteve> Rebecca has a fan!
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> Sams one
  brother is cool
<GHammerRebecca> whatever....
  Steve- guess who it is...
  it's not that hard
<canarioab> hmmm ... I heard
  stories about this pipe
  organ ...
<GHSteve> I know (but you
  deserve your own fan)
<GHammerRebecca> lol
<GHFred> lol
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> it
  looked cool with steve
  sitting at it too
<GHfanSam> i'll be your fan!
<GHSteve> This pipe organ was
  supposed to play itself.
<GHfanSam> :-D
<GHfanSam> Rebecca rox!
<DJBarry> Tonight we feature
  GLASS HAMMER-Steve, Fred,
  Flo, Rebecca and maybe more!
<GHammerFlo> Rebecca has LOTS
  of fans:)
<GHammerRebecca> Cool- I'll
  take all the fans I can get.
<GHfanSam> yeah, that was more
<GHSteve> Susie may drop in
<GHfanSam> ^_^
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> Can I be
  both Steve Rebecca and Fred
  and Flo's fan?
<DJBarry> Sooozie!
<GHfanSam> yay!
<GHfanSam> nop.3
<GHSteve> Yes Brian.
<GHammerRebecca> me likes fans
<DJBarry> I think you can Bri
<GHfanSam> you can't use both
  with more than 2 things
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> sweet
<canarioab> don't make me kck
<canarioab> pick
<GHfanSam> sorry
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> 5sam,  i
<GHfanSam> i'm just being a
<GHSteve> Walter sings.
<GHfanSam> i really do excel
  at that...
<GHfanSam> *hang head*
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> 5i wish
  i could have been there
  to feel the bass organ
<GHSteve> You like it April?
<canarioab> love Walter's
<GHfanSam> me too
<canarioab> oh yes!!!!!!!!
<DJBarry> Walter did a great
  job here!
<GHfanSam> i used to think he
  sounded like an elf
<GHSteve> He is an elf.
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> lol....
  the window is too small for
  this chat...
<GHfanSam> oh, that explains
<canarioab> I did get a teensy
  sneak peek early last month
<SJ> it is very interesting to
  hear these pieces in 10-secon
  d clips here and there
<canarioab> but just a teensy
<GHFred> the pedals on that
  organ drowned out the whole
  thing- you almost couldn't
  use them!
<GHSteve> Sure!
<GHfanSam> but steve is too,
  right?  or at least elven
  blood...  you worked at
  keebler!  right?
<DJBarry> Bumble bees!
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> wow....
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> BASSSSSSS
<GHSteve> I am also elven.
<GHfanSam> i knew it!
<GHammerRebecca> you know, SJ-
  we could just put the album
  in and hear it that way...
  with no skips!
<GHSteve> A half-elf actually.
<GHfanSam> Is fred?
<GHammerFlo> lol "she bit
  everyone"  that gets me
<GHammerRebecca> but then we'd
  miss the interview
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> I think
  I might have some Took blood
  in me ;-)
<GHfanSam> which half?
<GHSteve> HA!
<SJ> hmm maybe we should do
  that hon
<GHFred> I have a pointy ear
<GHfanSam> lol fred
<canarioab> just one?
<SJ> but then we wouldn't here
  the inter-song commentary
<GHSteve> Hey all - April's
  brother mastered this album.
<DJBarry> You could Rebecca,
  but then you would miss the
  witty Steve and Fred bandter!
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> I think
  Sam would agree that I am
  capable of being a 'Fool of
  a Took'
<GHFred> just one
<SJ> yeah
<GHammerRebecca> yeah that's
  what I said
<GHFred> I forget wich- I
  think it's the left one
<GHSteve> How many Tolkien -
  geeks here?
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> ME!
<GHFred> I'ts more a vulcan
  thing though
<SJ> define tokien-geek
* DJBarry is a Tolkien geek
<GHfanSam> Aiya erendil
  elenion ancalima!.3
<SJ> i mean
<SJ> tolkien :P
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> Just
  finished The Two Towers
<GHfanSam> (me)
* Benji is just a plain geek,
<GHammerFlo> I'm a fan..but I
  don't know quite enough to
  be considered a geek yet..
<GHfanSam> but he's a heretic
  - he likes the movies better
<GHfanSam> :-p
<GHfanSam> ;)
<canarioab> and Steve, I have
  to thank you for the mention
  in the liner notes ... it
  was a total surprise, and
  given the events of the last
  year, Jeff and I got a
  little choked up when we
  realized that we were on our
  first album 'together'
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> 5I think
  Sam might out-geek everyo
  ne here
<GHfanSam> yeah.... prolly...
<SJ> if geek = has read the
  books multiple times then
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> not
<GHSteve> No problem April -
  you deserve it :)
<GHfanSam> 5 times
<GHfanSam> and the Sil twice
<GHfanSam> and i speak a
  little elvish
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> Thanks
  for the Choir mention Steve!!
<GHSteve> Reading the Sil for
  number 3!
<GHfanSam> April
<GHfanSam> is cool!
<GHammerFlo> do I get to count
  my husbands geekiness towards
<canarioab> thank you  :-):
<GHfanSam> Yay steve!!!
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> i love
  this run one ograns right now
<GHfanSam> You're going to
  beat me soon
<Benji> being from tennessee I
  speak a little elvis too
<GHSteve> Hopfully Brian
  there'll be an album with
  you on it.
<canarioab> wow this is incredi
<GHSteve> multi-vox.
<GHSteve> More multivox coming.
<GHFred> elvis *lol*
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> Seriosly
  Steve,  hot sweetness man!
<DJBarry> My wife has seen
  ROTK 5 times
<GHfanSam> wow
<GHSteve> Here comes susie -
  the susie and sarah.
<GHfanSam> 2 for me
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> I saw
  Fellowship 13 times in
<GHFred> from the ancient wood
  of memphis
<GHfanSam> which aprt does
  bethany sing?
<GHfanSam> i saw it 10
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> Two
  towers 9 times
<GHfanSam> I love this part!
<GHammerFlo> holy cow 13 times!
<GHfanSam> ttt 7 times
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> and 5
  tiems for return
<GHSteve> Bethany does some
  backing harmonies.
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> yup, 13
<GHSteve> Just a little though.
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> lol.....
  ack... too much chat here lol
<GHfanSam> i'm pretty much
  tired of fotr
<GHfanSam> the movie
<GHSteve> She was a last
  minute addtion.
<canarioab> we watched FotR on
  the 30th, TTT on the 31st,
  then saw RotK on New Years
<DJBarry> My wife saw it 14 or
  15 times
<GHfanSam> yikes
<GHfanSam> ok - the true test
  of movie geekiness - who
  knows who Figwit is?  Show
  of hands
<GHammerFlo> we watch our
  DVD's literally everyday..(we
   just have them on in the
<GHSteve> Here's the part of
  the song where the horse is
  about to eat someone.
<canarioab> Steve, you'l have
  to hear me cover 'Icarus'
  ... I had a blast
<GHFred> I've probably seen
  fotr 11 or 12 times including
<GHSteve> Cool april.
* DJBarry has goosebumps and
  does not want to get eaten
  by a horse
<canarioab> I'll send you the
  MP3 when I get it
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> 5I love
  figuring out these songs
  on the piano as i listen
<GHFred> icarus- kansas??
<GHSteve> Here comes that
<AjalonDude> Saw all the films
  opening day
<canarioab> yep
<AjalonDude> nothing like a
  fanatic crowd
<GHFred> cool- how did that
<canarioab> hmm ... lost the
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> 5 I was
  first in line for the
  midnight sowings for ALL
<GHfanSam> ah!  poor april!
<GHSteve> Brian you must be a
  tolkien geek then.
<canarioab> well ... there are
  a group of musicians that
  pass tracks from one to the
<GHfanSam> At the mall of
  america people had beenw
  atiing there since 11 AM!!!
<GHfanSam> love this part
<canarioab> and layer them one
  after the other
<GHfanSam> susie?
<canarioab> the bass player
  lives in Atlanta
<GHSteve> Of course Fred,
  Rebecca and I all went to
  Toronto to see ROTK.
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> i was
  there at 5:30PM or so
<GHFred> oh, ok! cool!
<canarioab> and when I was
  there last week, they asked
  me to do vocals on one track
<GHSteve> Yes - susie and
<canarioab> and that's the one
  I chose
<GHSteve> Here's Susie.
<GHammerFlo> youv'e got to
  wonder what's going on in
  Lisette's head
<GHFred> i wanna hear that
<GHFred> *g*
<DJBarry> Sooozie!
<GHammerRebecca> Because
  Toronto is the coolest place
  to see ROTK
<GHfanSam> 4KILL!  BLOOD!.
<GHfanSam> That's ju8st a
  guess anyway
<canarioab> when I get the MP3
  I'll send it to ya :)
<GHfanSam> never know what
  horses thing
<GHSteve> April I want to hear
<GHfanSam> *think
<GHFred> good deal
<GHfanSam> me too
<GHSteve> Multi vox here!
<GHfanSam> camel!!!
<GHfanSam> ha!
<GHammerFlo> "hmm, i'm just a
  horse, eatin some hay,
  galloping, EATING PEOPLE"
<GHFred> Steve you must be
  behind- I'm at the end
<GHfanSam> lol
<DJBarry> You are only 32
  minutes away from an exclusiv
  e LIVE Glass Hammer cut
<GHSteve> Cool Flo.
<DJBarry> Never before heard!
<GHfanSam> yay!!
<GHSteve> Everyone should
  write a song about Lisette.
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> what is
  one a step above Multivox
  and Ultravox?   UBERvox
<GHfanSam> camel 2!
<GHFred> live---  which would
  that be!
<GHfanSam> OOHHHH.
<GHSteve> UBERvox on the next
<GHfanSam> ubervox!
<GHfanSam> does that mean all
  the choir comes back? 
<DJBarry> It is a surprise
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> lol  I
  volunteer to sing/play
<GHFred> ubervox- nice
<GHSteve> Yes there'll be a
<GHfanSam> pick me, pick me!
<GHfanSam> ;)
<canarioab> pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze
<DJBarry> Bizarre meter maps!
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> 5me me
<GHFred> it's going to be a
  surprise to me!
<GHSteve> Yes - but you yanks
  may have to travel south to
  do it.
<GHFred> *g*
<GHfanSam> fine by me!
<GHfanSam> ^_^
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> 5ill
  MOVE to your studios if
  i have to
<canarioab> ubervox ... ok,
  there's the name of my new
  band ;()
<GHfanSam> .I'll come to hick
  country.  That's how much I
  love you guys
<canarioab> ;)
<GHammerFlo> what? yanks?
<GHfanSam> we... y'all
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> lol
<GHFred> Live365 keeps spamming
   popups and stealing my
  cursor grrr
<GHSteve> Yep Flo, but you
  ain't no Yank.
<GHSteve> Your just a hippy
  from CA.
<GHFred> ah well *lol*
<GHfanSam> lol
<GHammerFlo> what am I
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> 5Fred-
  thats why I'm using the
  MP3 feed in Winamp
<GHammerFlo> yeeeeah..groovy
<GHSteve> I'm a redkneck of
<GHFred> I should have- oh
<GHFred> no biggie
<GHfanSam> nudd
<canarioab> kneck?
<GHfanSam> *chortle*
<GHSteve> Nudd is here.
* DJBarry goes to see if he
  can grab some cookies from
  the pantry of the Green
  Dragon Inn
<GHSteve> Chigger is here too.
<GHFred> tuh
<GHfanSam> no booger though. 
<GHSteve> Everyone needs a
  redneck name.
<DJBarry> Hey, I need one oh
  those cool hick names
<GHfanSam> o well, at least
  the girls are here ;)
<GHSteve> Mine is Nudd.
<canarioab> my mom used to get
  mad when I tracked Nudd into
  the house
<GHSteve> Fred's is Chigger.
<canarioab> Bubba
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> hahahahha
* Benji is now known as Elmer
<GHSteve> Ha April.
<DJBarry> Ha!
<GHFred> we should mane a
  redneck name generator
<DJBarry> ElmerBenj
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> whats
  the command for the '*' ?
<GHfanSam> lol
<GHSteve> April can't be
  Bubba.  You can be Elvira.
<canarioab> or (fill in first
  name) Bob
<GHammerFlo> when I first
  moved here, i was afraid of
  getting chiggers
<Elmer> ./nick
<canarioab> I meant for the
  guys silly
<GHSteve> Everseen a chigger
<Brian_from_NF_Choir> ty elmer
* DJBarry is now known as
* Elmer is now known as Benji
<canarioab> so we've got Steve
  Bob, Fred Bob, Barry Bob (!),
<canarioab> BRian Bob
<GHSteve> Hey april - ask Matt
  what his middle name is.
<GHFred> April could be LouAnn
<GHammerFlo> can you see
  chiggers? i thought they
  crept up on people all
  invisible like
<NeedsAHickName> Whao, nickname
<canarioab> oh?
<canarioab> ok
<GHSteve> Lou Ann Bob works.
<GHfanSam> lol
<canarioab> I'm gonna call him
  in a few
<GHSteve> Anyone want to know
  Matt's real middle name?
* NeedsAHickName is now known
as BarryBob
* Brian_from_NF_Choir is now
known as is_now_known_as_BillyJ
<canarioab> Lou Ann Bob!!
<GHfanSam> me!!!
<canarioab> ok
<GHFred> yeah
<GHfanSam> what is it, steve?
* AjalonDude is now known as
<GHSteve> Its a GREAT redneck
<canarioab> shouldn't the
  girls be (fill in name here)
<Benji> anything with boy on
  the end....Flo Boy...Rebecca
  oops.  lol
  not used to irc tech
<GHSteve> Matts middle name is
  .... ::::drumroll::::
<GHSteve> ARNIS!
<canarioab> but that would
  make Flo ... Flo JO
<GHfanSam> rofl!
<GHfanSam> seriously?
<GHammerRebecca> lol @ flo jo
<canarioab> oh NO WAY
<GHammerFlo> Zeek and Cletus
* is_now_known_as_BillyJoeBob
is now known as Brian_from_NFCh
<GHSteve> Yep - and he's a
  Yankee too!
<BarryBob> Cletus is good
<canarioab> I had a piano
  teacher named Cletus
<GHSteve> Cletus rules.
<GHfanSam> that's hilarious!
<canarioab> he was a minister
<BarryBob> Cletus can kick
  your butt
<GHSteve> Is this song ever
  gonna change?
* ghwannbe is now known as
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5I LOVE
  THE vocal chord progrssio
  ns here
<GHSteve> 4Thanks
<canarioab> and a double of
  Mister Rogers
<GHfanSam> me too!
<canarioab> Randy Bob I love it
<BarryBob> funky here!
<BarryBob> GH gets fun-kee
<Brian_from_NFChoir> we are
  now in F# Major ;-)
* Mike is now known as BubbaMik
<GHSteve> This will be on a
  c-prog album with Randy's
* Keith is now known as TobyJoe
<Benji> did any of the deep
  south rub off on you here
  while you were in Nashville
  , Randy?
<drumvan> white man's overbite
<Brian_from_NFChoir> B Major
<GHfanSam> whio's randy?
<canarioab> so we've got ...
  April Jo, Sam Jo (?), Flo
  Jo, Suzy Jo,
<canarioab> Bethany Jo
<GHSteve> Beebo section here.
<GHSteve> this is called Beebo.
<GHammerFlo> Jo Beth!
<GHSteve> All must acknowledge
  the beebo.
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5Brian Bo?
<GHfanSam> Oh, do i get a hick
<randybob> wall Iyall tell ya
<canarioab> Randy George from
  Ajalon nd Neal Morse
<GHFred> Flo Jo Bob.  Girls
  names are funnier with Bob
  at the end ;)
<Benji> lol
<GHfanSam> lol
<canarioab> April Jo Bob?
<Benji> glad you have the
  accent down right
<GHfanSam> StephyLouBob
<GHFred> right
<canarioab> or Lou Ann Jo Bob?
<GHammerFlo> this is quite
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5now in E
  maj, right steve?
<GHSteve> Ajalon ROCKS!
<GHSteve> Yes Brian.
* randybob is now known as
<GHSteve> Bye Beebo.
<GHFred> Ajalon does rock- I
  remember that *g*
<GHfanSam> lol
<Benji> iffen ya wants i can
  be jethro...
<canarioab> lololol
<Brian_from_NFChoir> im playing
   along as this goes =0
<canarioab> randy's a panic
<GHSteve> That's in e.
<AjalonDudebob> Thainks ya'all
<canarioab> Jethro Bob?
<GHFred> what up?
<GHSteve> Cletus bob.
<AjalonDudebob> Who told you?
<GHammerFlo> I know someone
  who named their kid Jethro
<canarioab> oh Cletus Bob is
  the best so far
<canarioab> how about ...
  Walter BOb?
<GHfanSam> i like arnis
<GHSteve> Jethro was David's
  father in the Bible.
<GHfanSam> wally bob
<canarioab> Arnis Bob
<GHFred> Cletus Aw-reetus
<GHSteve> And Jed's nephew.
<Brian_from_NFChoir> d min to
  f# maj
<Brian_from_NFChoir> d   e f#
<canarioab> where's Wally (bob)
<GHfanSam> lol
<GHSteve> Brian you know it
  better than me :)
<GHammerFlo> ..and Jethro has
  a baby sister named "Jemima".
  .i feel so sorry for the kid!
<GHammerRebecca> My roommate
  from college (if she ever
  has kids) wants to name a
  son Jude from that Beatles
  song Hey Jude
* AjalonDudebob thinks GH rocks
<GHfanSam> wally's too cool
  for us
<GHfanSam> ;)
<GHSteve> Jude is a cool name.
<GHammerFlo> hey that's my
  kids name~
<canarioab> Jude Bob
<GHSteve> Wally is out working
  for a living.
<canarioab> or Judy Jo
<Brian_from_NFChoir> organ
  come in!!!!!!!!!
<GHammerFlo> that's our boy
  name pick - Jude
<GHSteve> I hope.
<BubbaMike> well guys I can't
  stay...I can't listen through
   Juno's 24.6K dialup connecti
  on from the hotel here...and
  the kids need to go to bed. 
  So Good Night all!
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5GH RULES!
<GHammerRebecca> Cool
<GHfanSam> bye!
<GHSteve> Jude is a cool name.
   so is Judah.
<GHFred> jude is cool *g*
<Brian_from_NFChoir> my fav
<GHfanSam> namri', as the
  elves would say
<GHSteve> Bye Mike!
<canarioab> good night Mike!
<GHFred> ah, we skipping Dan!
<canarioab> Yow
* Benji has to ask once more...
  is Neal Morse still going to
  be invited to play on your
  next cd like you mentioned
  last August Fred and Steve?
* BubbaMike has quit IRC
(Quit: The River is Wide...I've
 got to get to the other side!)
<GHammerRebecca> Hey Jude was
  the song that they had their
  first dance to at their
<GHammerFlo> And if it winds
  up being a boy, my friends'
  band is covering Hey Jude
  for him..Judah Israel will
  be his full name
<GHFred> It would be fun to
  have him
<Brian_from_NFChoir> wow! 
  thats a name!
<canarioab> cool
<GHSteve> Hey Benji - we've
  talked about it.  If the
  schedules work out he is
  certainly invited.
* Benji holds you to it lol
<Benji> just kidding
<BarryBob> man, cool names flo
* Brian_from_NFChoir agrees
* SJ has left #dimensions
<Benji> I know if it is meant
  to happen it will
<GHFred> pester him for us ;-)
<GHSteve> He's great.  We
  talked quite a bit about 2
  months back.
<GHammerRebecca> ah he left
<Brian_from_NFChoir> the
  guitar bit rocks!
<canarioab> Neal's concert was
  the first prog worship
  service I've ever been to
<GHammerRebecca> well I guess
  I'll leave too- sorry to
  duck out early.
<Brian_from_NFChoir> see ya
<GHammerFlo> thanks-my husband
  picks the names
<Benji> that is randy's job to
<GHfanSam> Bye rebecca!
<GHammerRebecca> i'm an early
  to bed type
<Brian_from_NFChoir> great
<canarioab> glad you could
  join in Rebecca
<GHSteve> Bye Rebecca and
<GHfanSam> From your fan! 
<GHSteve> Thanks for coming.
<GHammerFlo> By Rebecca:)
<canarioab> Pester Bob
<Benji> bye :)
<GHammerRebecca> Thanks. :-)
* GHammerRebecca has left
<GHFred> nite!!
<GHfanSam> wait, did we skip
<GHfanSam> they're all talking
  about btgb
<GHSteve> Yes - but I'll bet
  there's a royalty situation.
<GHfanSam> ohhhhh
<Brian_from_NFChoir> Beyond
  the Great Beyond
<GHfanSam> :-p
<GHSteve> Maybe.
<GHfanSam> Oh well
<GHfanSam> Behind
<Brian_from_NFChoir> oops
<GHfanSam> Behind the great
<drumvan> i choose to punch a
<BarryBob> longer...saved for
<Brian_from_NFChoir> duh
<GHSteve> Sam did you get the
  picks of Jon-Michael?
<GHSteve> pics
<Brian_from_NFChoir> piano  =)
  =) =)
<GHfanSam> hm...
<canarioab> which is better
  than beyond the great behind
<GHfanSam> * checkin my email
<Brian_from_NFChoir> lol april
<GHSteve> Great behind!
<GHfanSam> nope, didn't
<GHSteve> Hey drumvan!
<canarioab> oh I like that!
<GHfanSam> wait... i did
<GHFred> rofl
<Brian_from_NFChoir> never
  tell your mother that she
  has a great behind
<drumvan> i hope you all got
  the alex liefson joke there
* TobyJoe is now known as Keith
<GHFred> that's just icky
<Brian_from_NFChoir> STEVE-  
  right there that sounded
  liek a choir song i know
<GHfanSam> moving on....
<GHSteve> Lifeson made the
<GHSteve> Fred wrote this bit.
<GHfanSam> very pretty
<drumvan> just the kind of pub
  rush needed
<Brian_from_NFChoir> the
  running bass line-  it
  sounded liek apart fomr
  Ich Laughe, Ich Freude
<canarioab> hmm I'm hearing
  some Brahms in there
<GHSteve> Fred?
<GHFred> like you said, 50
  yers old and NOW he acts
  like a rock star :-(
<AjalonDudebob> What's new
  with Alex L
<GHSteve> Brian wants to know
  the inspiration behind this
<canarioab> oh man Brian ...
<GHSteve> This part.
<Brian_from_NFChoir> ach... 
  ill bring it up on the forum
<drumvan> arrested for a fight
  at a club with his son for
  puching cops
<GHFred> nothing particular...
   just came to me
<AjalonDudebob> Know that
<Benji> it came to me in a
<AjalonDudebob> Any new develop
<Brian_from_NFChoir> fred
  seriosly... tomorrow  take a
  look at the forum.. ill give
  more details
<Benji> ala paul mccartney
<Brian_from_NFChoir> itll be
  in the shadowlands sectoin
<canarioab> hey slow down
<GHfanSam> fred has to come to
  the forum more
<GHFred> not like the end of
  the song- that had a definite
<Brian_from_NFChoir> yes he
<drumvan> not that i'm aware of
<Brian_from_NFChoir> i love
  the little plunk plink parts
<GHFred> sorry- I've been way
  out of it I guess
<GHFred> Rebecca said those
  were incredibly hard
<BarryBob> Plinky is cool
<Brian_from_NFChoir> i bet!!!
<canarioab> 'ok ... I was
  losing text from the rapid
<GHfanSam> plinkJjoBob...
<Brian_from_NFChoir> lol  this
  is worse than an AOL chat
  room ;-0-
<GHammerFlo> lol
<canarioab> LOL
<BarryBob> Folks...I may need
  to step out...BAD weather
  here and two of my kids are
  stuck on the road
<GHfanSam> is tjat rebecca's
  name now?
<GHFred> pittzicato strings-
  Susan had to play it with a
  pick *lol*
<GHfanSam> uh-oh..
<Brian_from_NFChoir> ok barry!]
<GHfanSam> are you coming back?
<BarryBob> Show is programmed
  to carry on w/out me...
<GHSteve> HEy all - I heard
  Progression Magazine said
  good things about our NEARfes
  t show.
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5Fred- 
  no way!  violining with
  a pick?   sweeeet
<canarioab> oh?
* AjalonDudebob is now known
as AjalonDude
<GHfanSam> too bad....  we'll
  miss ya
<Benji> I hope it snows a
  whole inch overnight so the
  traffic is so bad I can't
  get out tomorrow
<BarryBob> I will be back son slid off the
  side of the road
<Brian_from_NFChoir> ok BOB
<GHfanSam> namri'
<GHFred> good luck, Barry!
<GHammerFlo> yikes!
<drumvan> be careful barry
<BarryBob> In 15 minutes you
  will Hear and exclusive LIVE
  cut from GH'
<Brian_from_NFChoir> prayers
<BarryBob> Fred and Steve,
  could you do the honors of
<Benji> hurry back bob
<BarryBob> Thanks guys!
<BarryBob> ;)
<GHSteve> Sure Barry.
<GHFred> sure... uh...  *g*
* BarryBob is now known as
<GHSteve> Your son really in
<GHfanSam> Dunno... baraway is
  almost as cool as barrybob...
<Benji> are you guys going to
  redo the nearfest tracks in
  the studio before release?
<Benji> or is the soundboard
  going to be the next release?
<GHSteve> We'll do a remix.
<Brian_from_NFChoir> Baraway...
   sounds almost Dwarvish
<GHFred> we're going to listen
  to the multitracks and see
  how they are
<GHSteve> The sound board mix
  isn't what we'll release.
<GHfanSam> i don't know that
  dwarves used "y"s
<GHfanSam> sorry.  anyway
<GHFred> the soundboard mix is
<GHSteve> It was pretty hideous
<Brian_from_NFChoir> yeah it
<Benji> I've heard it
<Benji> it isn't that bad
<GHSteve> Who all confesses to
  hearing the board mix?
<Benji> but that is why I asked
<GHSteve> Without our permissio
<GHfanSam> not me
<Benji> me me me
<Benji> lol
* DJBarAway is now known as
<GHSteve> Who let you guys
  hear it?
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5Steve
  and Fred - on your DAT
  tracks, there was a part
  where they were NOT
  picking up the organ at
<DJBar> I have not heard it
<DJBar> One son is fine, got
  outta side of road
<GHfanSam> back already?
<GHFred> d'oh
<GHfanSam> great
<DJBar> Other son unaccounted
<canarioab> I've not heard it
<GHSteve> On the multi tracks
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5i was
  watching... i forget
  what song,  but there
  was some cursing from
  the engineers
<Benji> I am not sure where it
  came from to be honest...just
   landed close to me one day
  and I picked it up
<DJBar> He never carries his
  blinking cell phone
<Brian_from_NFChoir> yeah,  i
  forget what song,  it was
  before we came on...
<canarioab> oh ...
<canarioab> was gonna ask
  about a cell phone ...
<DJBar> Nice violin there
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5it was a
  section that prominently
  had the console organ....
<DJBar> I work for a cell
  phone son
  carries, one does not
<GHSteve> Well if there's a
  bootleg out there, there may
  be no need to release the
<GHSteve> But that would be a
<DJBar> Lotta folks listening
<GHFred> so they weren't
<DJBar> =) GH is a big draw!
<GHSteve> Cool!
<Benji> hey guys...all of
  nearfest has been bootlegged
<DJBar> Several folks listening
   not in chat
<GHSteve> Great - I wonder who
  we shall have to sue.
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5fred/stev
  e - I havent seen any
<canarioab> Steve/Fred, we've
  got a fledgling orgnization
  here in DC called SOAR --
  Society of Art Rockers
<GHFred> *lol*
<GHSteve> SOAR!
<canarioab> we are hoping to
  be able to sponsor shows at
  some point
<Benji> sue the guys that run
<GHSteve> I like the guys that
  run Nearfest though.
<GHSteve> Surely not they?
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5umm....
  what did they do wrong?
<DJBar> Favorite part ahead!
<GHFred> DC??  i think we need
  extra to go to DC ;-)
<DJBar> Classical guitar yay!
<AjalonDude> It was me
<canarioab> but you'd get to
  see ME,
<AjalonDude> I admit it!
<canarioab> Fred ;)
<GHfanSam> n iccccceeeeee
<GHSteve> This is Randy on
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5I know
  that the whole staff at
  NF (inc me) were ever
  watchful for bootleggers.
<AjalonDude> I also cancelled
  Star Trek
<GHSteve> Randy!
<GHFred> well, that's true...
  and after going to Trenton I
  guess DC is no big deal
<canarioab> we are hoping to
  get groups of bands together
  for gigs
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5mmmm   i
  love this part  ./...  i
  have it already figured
  out on the piano
* Brandon has joined #dimension
<canarioab> DC is closer :)
<Benji> it is a soundboard if you investigate
   you can go back to the
<GHfanSam> uh... i can hum
<GHfanSam> hi brandon
<Keith> Hey Brandon
<drumvan> that was nice!
<DJBar> Big lyrical climax here
<AjalonDude> ;  )
<Benji> hi brandon
<DJBar> !
<GHFred> hi Brandon!
<DJBar> Hey Brandon!
<Brandon> Hello everybody
<canarioab> who's on guitar
<DJBar> Welcome buddy
<canarioab> Hi Brandon
<Brandon> ty Barry
<GHSteve> Sound board guys can
  get in big trouble with me
  if they've let some copies
<GHFred> it's all me-- me me
<GHFred> me
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5Benji-
  was it the ones who had
  released nearfest  in
  years past?
<canarioab> i've not heard of
  any floating aroundk
<Benji> I have no clue Brian
<canarioab> steve
<GHFred> I was a jerk and let
  no one else play on this
<GHfanSam> lol
<DJBar> Great lyrics
<GHSteve> I actually have the
  time to hunt people down
  like that :)
<AjalonDude> Sounds like it...
<canarioab> who's on guitar?
<GHFred> guitar I mean
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5Steve- 
  in past years Studio M
  has come tapes, and
  recorded at least the
  sound board mix...
<GHSteve> Fred on guitar.
<DJBar> Wonderful violin here
<AjalonDude> ;  )
<canarioab> whoa
<Brian_from_NFChoir> This part
  kinda sounds like Kansas!!!
<drumvan> robby steinhardt
<GHSteve> I heard the board
  mix.  It sounded like the
  stage mix!
<GHfanSam> i knoiw!
<canarioab> oh yeah
<GHFred> I played all the
  guitar just so no one would
  ask that for a change *lol*
<canarioab> big time
<GHSteve> We can fix the multi
  tracks in the studio though.
<DJBar> This part ROX, chilling
<GHfanSam> i know!
<GHSteve> Rebecca played all
  over this one.
<Brian_from_NFChoir> 5yeah,
  hopefully you can 'steal'
   the missing organ part
  from house mix,
<GHfanSam> multivox!
<Benji> there are some mistakes
   in it but I still say you
  guys did a great job
<canarioab> Man ... and I
  thought it would be hard to
  follow up LR ...
<GHFred> strings added a TON
  to this song
<GHSteve> Thanks Benji.
<canarioab> I just tried
  Matt's cell phone .... he
  must be on another call and
  didn't pick up
<canarioab> oh yeah
<DJBar> 8 minutes from live
<AjalonDude> Chronometree is
  still one of my favs
<canarioab> re strings
<Brandon> cool
<GHSteve> Chronometree was fun
  to make.

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