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Check this page for reviews CDs, concerts, books and graphic novels, etc.  Or whatever I am currently enjoying and fell that you too should enjoy.  We are all about sharing cool things with YOU dear friends!

Concert DVD

Spock's Beard-Don't Try This at Home/Making of V

First-a bit of an introduction...Spock's Beard has quickly jumped into the ranks of my favorite bands.  I "discovered" them through the internet and purchased their double concept CD Snow in December.  Since then I've picked up Day for Night, V, and several of the group's solo and side band CDs.  Spock's Beard is a blend of melodic progressive rock ala Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Gentle Giant and Genesis with a healthy dose of the Beatles thrown in for good measure.  Love 'em, and recommend them highly.
Having said that, I recommend this DVD.  It is such a great value, for the very reasonable price of around $24 you get 2 DVDs and a bonus CD.  One DVD is a live concert-Don't Try This at Home filmed in Holland-a wonderful snapshot of this great progressive rock band.  The sound is less than spectacular but passable, the performance is big fun.  The second DVD is The Making of V-a two hour documentary of the making of what many consider to be the bands best CD.  I would actually bestow that honor on Snow my own bad self.  There is a bunch of cool bonus stuff on this disc-the Legend of the Morse Brothers-a rambunctious bit of guitar tomfoolery that will blow your mind (have you ever seen TWO people play one guitar?), as well as a music video for the fun song All on a Sunday and other concert bits.  The making of disc might be a tad long for the casual fan, but I found it to be an informative and enlightening look at the band.
The bonus CD is a welcome addition-it features studio outtakes from the Snow sessions, as well as live and acoustic versions of several band classics.
My recommendation?  Go buy Spock's Beard Snow and V, listen to 'em a few weeks to let them soak in, then go buy this DVD.
Spock's Beard - Don't Try This At Home/ Live in Holland/ The Making of V (2002)
Buy it here!


Starflyer 59-Old
Tooth and Nail Records

Starflyer 59 has been around a while and has issued some intriguing music over the years.  All of it is worth checking out, BTW.  Their latest called Old harkens back to the styles of classic rock past, but don't let that fool you.  There is a warm modern tone (as well as some eerie haunting and ethreal touches) in these wonderful pop/rock gems with some neat retro touches thrown in.  Lyrically the album seems to be seen through the eyes of a fellow who has grown Old, and is looking back with a touch of melancholy (check out Unbelievers to illustrate).  Highlights include Underneath, Major Awards, The Lights On.  Listen with your headphones on to catch on to the nice little embellishments!  Recently reviewed by Rolling Stone, this CD is a welcome addition for folks who like good pop/rock with retro flavor with nifty sonic extras.  This is a good summer cruising record. 
4.5 out of 5 Cups o' Java on the Javameter!
Produced by Aaron Sprinkle and SF59
Submitted by Barry


The Genius of Electric Guitar
Charlie Christian

- Submitted by Barry