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Glass Hammer Chat Log!

Chat Log from an interview/listening party on July 27, 2003 from that took place during the Classic Tracks program.

This extended chat is best if read while listening to Glass Hammer's Lex Rex and Chronomotree in their ENTIRETY.  We played both of those CD's while chatting with Steve Babb and Fred Schendel from Glass Hammer (and Sam Gamgee from, a Glass Hammer fan site). 


A special thanks to all who joined us...especially Steve and Fred for taking the time to chat, answer questions and share insight into their inspiration and influences.  A finer time could not be found e'en at the Prancing Pony!

* Fred_Schendel has joined #dimensions

<Fred_Schendel> hello *g*

<DJBarryHobbit> Hey Fred!

* GHammerSteve has joined #dimensions

<DJBarryHobbit> Wazzzup!

<DJBarryHobbit> Hey Steve!

<GHammerSteve> Ahoy!

<Fred_Schendel> how r u

<DJBarryHobbit> So glad you can make it

<zotzz> hello peeps

<zotzz> hi steve

<GHammerSteve> Greetings to all peeps :)

<zotzz> yes I have audio

<Fred_Schendel> let's see *g*

<DJBarryHobbit> Playing a new intro for Classic Tracks

<DJBarryHobbit> ELP, Yes, and YOU

<zotzz> nice to meet a member of glass hammer, you are one of my favorite prog groups, lex rex is a classic

<GHammerSteve> Thanks zotzz

* Sun has joined #dimensions

<zotzz> hey benbji

<Fred_Schendel> there we go *g*

<Sun> Hi guys

* Sun sets mode: +o zotzz

<DJBarryHobbit> Welcome Benji

<Fred_Schendel> ah, Ambrosia-  kewl *g*

* Keith has joined #dimensions

<DJBarryHobbit> I will play the intro till we get everyone online

<Sun> welcome Keith

<Keith> Hello Everyone :)

<DJBarryHobbit> Guys, please welcome Fred and Steve from Glass Hammer!

<zotzz> hi Keith

<GHammerSteve> Hi Keith!

<DJBarryHobbit> I am so excited to have you fellows

<Fred_Schendel> thank you very much! *g*

<Keith> Hi Steve and Fred welcome to Imaginary Dimensions

<zotzz> so am i!

<Sun> Hi Fred and Steve....long time admirer of your music

<GHammerSteve> :::bows::::

* Sun sets mode: +oo Fred_Schendel GHammerSteve

<DJBarryHobbit> I am also excited cause my son JUST walked into the house from a Brazil mission trip

<DJBarryHobbit> Do ya'll have audio?

<Fred_Schendel> wow!!

<DJBarryHobbit> If so, we will get dis show on da road

<GHammerSteve> Thanks Sun!  We're making more music for you guys.

<Sun> glad to hear it Barry

<Fred_Schendel> yes

<GHammerSteve> Got audio...

<DJBarryHobbit> Will be with ya in a sec

<zotzz> did he bring the machete?

<DJBarryHobbit> =)

<Sun> Looking forward to it, Steve

<Fred_Schendel> please ignore all typos *lol*

<DJBarryHobbit> Yup, the machete made it through customs believe it or NOT!

<zotzz> lol

<DJBarryHobbit> Don't worry bout it, we make lots of em!

<GHammerSteve> Fred, should we tell them we've gone polka?

<Sun> we all have moments of typos....we pay no attention to it

<Fred_Schendel> well you just did ;-)

<zotzz> i love polka music

<Sun> lol

<GHammerSteve> Ooops! 

<GHammerSteve> Yep, we've gone polka.

<Fred_Schendel> I'm working on a mariachi version of Supper's Ready- no lie

<GHammerSteve> Prog is dead.  Long live the polka!

<DJBarryHobbit> Here we go fellas

<Fred_Schendel> Weird Al proved anything works as a polka

<DJBarryHobbit> The OFFICIAL show

<DJBarryHobbit> HOHO

<DJBarryHobbit> Polka kings!

<zotzz> what kind of polka? Polish?

<Fred_Schendel> woohoo!

<Fred_Schendel> is there any other kind??

<DJBarryHobbit> Beer Barrel Polka

<Sun> riverdance goes that's a thought.  Can you imagine the dancers trying to keep the beat to prog?

* Keith changes topic to 'Classic Tracks - On Air Now @'

<GHammerSteve> Hey, that's us!

<Fred_Schendel> *blush*

<GHammerSteve> Aw shucks!

<zotzz> applause please!

<Keith> Yay! Barry's son is home!! woohoo!!

* Sun gets out his guitar and auditions for tuning the guitars

<GHammerSteve> Top ten?

<zotzz> i agree

<Fred_Schendel> *blush blush*

<GHammerSteve> Tolkien?

<Fred_Schendel> who's that

<Fred_Schendel> one of those "writer" guys

<GHammerSteve> Tolkien must have written one king?

* Sun has seen the movies lol

<Sun> including yours

<zotzz> journey of the dunadan

<Fred_Schendel> not from us!!

<Fred_Schendel> Drama---> great album

<GHammerSteve> Thanks!

<zotzz> roman solider

<GHammerSteve> Indeed.

* Sun asks a question. They asked Jon Anderson if he was every going to put the Bible to music before Yes recorded Topographic guys when are you doing the Bible?

<zotzz> love the art work on the album

<Fred_Schendel> uh- you take that *lol*

* Sun is goofy so just ignore me ;)

<GHammerSteve> Hmm...Taking on the Bible might be a bit over our heads.

<GHammerSteve> I might be up for "Leviticus - the musical" though.

<GHammerSteve> Fred?

<Fred_Schendel> We tried a small bit of it though

<DJBarryHobbit> Well, the fellas did do David and Goliath!

<zotzz> that sounds good

<Sun> I was more into hearing "End of the World" Revelation style music....I know you have it in you.

<DJBarryHobbit> And did a fine job of it!

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - Tales Of The Great Wars

* Sun agrees

<GHammerSteve> Who has heard David and Goliath?

<DJBarryHobbit> I will be bouncing back and forth fellas

* Sun has it

<DJBarryHobbit> I have David and Goliath!

<DJBarryHobbit> Gotta say hi to my son!

<Fred_Schendel> it was a try at a different market- that always gets us in trouble :-(

<GHammerSteve> Hey, better check him over for leeches.

<DJBarryHobbit> Levels good fellas!

<DJBarryHobbit> HOHOHOHO

<zotzz> lol

<DJBarryHobbit> Leeches

<Sun> You know better than to listen to critics

<zotzz> yes, levels are great

<Fred_Schendel> levels->fine

<GHammerSteve> fine here

<Fred_Schendel> I wasn't the critics... it's the industry.. uh, should we go down this road *g*

<Sun> I'd like to hear your opinion, sure.

<DJBarryHobbit> The industry is a ruff place for sure

<DJBarryHobbit> Are you referring to the music industry in general

<GHammerSteve> What was the original question?

<Sun> They didn't want you to do it because there wasn't a market for sales?

<GHammerSteve> Oh - Julie is filling me in.

<GHammerSteve> The industry LOVED it, but told us to 'dumb it down'.

<Fred_Schendel> I implied that D&G had troubles because of it's attempt to connect with the "Christian Market"

<DJBarryHobbit> Hmmmm

<GHammerSteve> That would be Provident Music.

<DJBarryHobbit> Ah, Provident

<Fred_Schendel> accck-- typos abound

<GHammerSteve> They said it was brilliant, and encouraged its completion.

<GHammerSteve> Then dumped on it.

<Fred_Schendel> much will be said someday in an appropriate venue *g*

<Sun> lol figures

<DJBarryHobbit> Well there are some good folks in the industry, but there are a lot of "market" issues

<GHammerSteve> Too smart for the CCM market.

<DJBarryHobbit> And of course, most Christian labels are owned by mainstream companies

<DJBarryHobbit> Who are mostly just interested in $$$$

<DJBarryHobbit> As any label

<GHammerSteve> Plenty of good folks, not many brave ones though.

<Sun> Some prog is slowly easing it's way in the Christian Music Market

<Fred_Schendel> it was a fun thing to do but I get more from doing stuff like Lex Rex myself *g*

<DJBarryHobbit> And not very artist friendly, right?

<GHammerSteve> But who am I to say.  We loved D&G, but we wrote it.

<DJBarryHobbit> I love it too!

<GHammerSteve> Correct.

<GHammerSteve> Thanks!

<DJBarryHobbit> OK, I like this part

<Sun> I have read reviews comparing Glass Hammer to 70's style Yes in it's complexity and feel...good company there!

<DJBarryHobbit> Gettin into some wicked keys here dat I like!

* GHfan_Sam has joined #dimensions

<DJBarryHobbit> Welcome Sam

<Sun> Hi Sam

<Fred_Schendel> I never complain about comparisons like that *g*

<zotzz> hi sam

<GHfan_Sam> :) hiho

<GHammerSteve> My favorite music - early Yes.

<DJBarryHobbit> Saw ya earlier, but got in too late to say hi to ya!

<GHammerSteve> Sam runs

<Fred_Schendel> hi Sam!!

<Sun> Same here Steve

<GHammerSteve> Hey Sam :)

* Sun is a Yes Freak

<GHfan_Sam> mae govannen, elf friends

<Fred_Schendel> I haven't done the music yet--- I'm working on it *lol*

<DJBarryHobbit> guys like YES?  Never woulda guessed!!!=)

<Sun> lol

<GHammerSteve> Sam actually speaks Elven.  Or is it Elvish?

<DJBarryHobbit> Ahhh, elvish!

<DJBarryHobbit> Love it!

<Fred_Schendel> yeah, its a shocker isn't it *lol*

<GHfan_Sam> Elvish - quenya

<GHfan_Sam> i'm not so good with sindarin though :-p

<DJBarryHobbit> Sam, U rock

<DJBarryHobbit> Glad to have ya

<DJBarryHobbit> I am the DJ

<DJBarryHobbit> And the Hobbit tonight

<DJBarryHobbit> HOHOH

<GHfan_Sam> Hi. :)

<Fred_Schendel> this is my Pat Moraz homage

<DJBarryHobbit> IN honor of our friends

<DJBarryHobbit> Better than Moraz!!! HOHOHO!

<DJBarryHobbit> Barry is gushing, sorry!

<Fred_Schendel> well, let's not go to far!

<Fred_Schendel> pat was great-  I wish he'd do more these days

<DJBarryHobbit> Almost banjo-ish there

<GHammerSteve> Vocal effects created in Video Vegas.

<DJBarryHobbit> Cool part!

<Fred_Schendel> or anything, actually.  The Moody Blues burned him out or something

<DJBarryHobbit> Nice geetar

<GHammerSteve> For those who'd like to know??

<Fred_Schendel> that was a mandolin

<DJBarryHobbit> ahhhhh, cool!

<GHfan_Sam> :)  I'm always interested in that sort of thing

<DJBarryHobbit> Who played it?

<GHfan_Sam> the recorder rocks! ^_^

<Sun> nice....I have one of those but barely know the chords

<GHammerSteve> Fred plays everything - sometimes.

<GHfan_Sam> except bass, right?

<Fred_Schendel> I played the small mandolin part and the recorder...  I play lots of things semi-competently *lol*

<GHammerSteve> Oh, he does let me play bass.

<GHfan_Sam> i still stand in awe every time i listen to "revelation/chronometry"

<Fred_Schendel> and keys... and write all those words

<DJBarryHobbit> Cool

<DJBarryHobbit> Good info

<GHfan_Sam> yeah!  the words!  gotta love those words

<GHammerSteve> True - it is all me when you get right down to i.

<DJBarryHobbit> The song that got me into Glass Hammer!

<DJBarryHobbit> Yay!

<Fred_Schendel> Steve is the grand conceptualist of GH

<zotzz> i know nothing about playing music, all i can say is that you guys satisfy my taste for great prog music

<DJBarryHobbit> Drama era yes!

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - One King

<GHammerSteve> Grand conceptualist?  Cool!

<GHfan_Sam> Steve is the Tolkien of the music world

<GHammerSteve> I'm going to print that somewhere.

<DJBarryHobbit> Ohhh, I like that

<GHfan_Sam> another cool way of putting it.

<GHammerSteve> Tolkien?

<GHfan_Sam> Totally!!!!.3

<DJBarryHobbit> The elder led him wrong, how sad!

<Fred_Schendel> i had always thought of the organ as Wakeman-ish... but the vocals, yeah-- you're right

<DJBarryHobbit> =(

<GHfan_Sam> And that's pretty strong coming from me, considering i speak quenya

<GHammerSteve> The elder is 'the god of war.'

<Sun> I was going to mention that on Chronometree "A Perfect Carousel" is a great segue into "Chronos Deliverer".  I love listening to those two songs back to back.

<DJBarryHobbit> Ah!

<DJBarryHobbit> Ares messin wid his mind

<DJBarryHobbit> That danged Ares

<GHfan_Sam> what's he got against the poor dude anyway?

<GHammerSteve> Sun, we're actually playing Chronos Deliverer live.

<GHammerSteve> The elder?  He's a road block on the path to glory.

* Mike has joined #dimensions

* ChanServ sets mode: +o Mike

<Keith> Hey Mike

<GHammerSteve> Hi Mike

<DJBarryHobbit> Welcome Mike

<zotzz> hi mikey

<Mike> Hello gang!

<Sun> Are you playing in the Nashville area anytime soon?  I wonder how big a crowd you could get in a Country music town.

<Fred_Schendel> hellooooooo Mike *g*

<Sun> Hi Mike

<DJBarryHobbit> We have Fred and Steve from Glass Hammer with us tonight!

<GHfan_Sam> mae govannen!

<Mike> Wow...hey Guys!

<Fred_Schendel> 70 *lol*

<GHammerSteve> We just did a show there last June.

<Sun> lol

* Sun missed it sadly enough.

<Fred_Schendel> we played our first warm-up show there before NEARfest

<GHammerSteve> We're doing a Chattanooga show in late September.

<Sun> just a few miles down the road

<GHfan_Sam> ...and there was much rejoicing

<Fred_Schendel> it was quite fun

<GHfan_Sam> yay....

<GHammerSteve> Sam sang in our NEARfest choir.

<Fred_Schendel> Steve still has hearing loss from it though

<Mike> DOH!!!

* Mike realizes why automated page didn't swap

<GHfan_Sam> and it was SOOO COOOL!!!

<GHammerSteve> Huh?  Can't hear you?

<DJBarryHobbit> I heard the NEARFest show was great

trenton has joined #dimensions

* trenton has left #dimensions

<DJBarryHobbit> And you had a special guest

<DJBarryHobbit> INCOMING!

* Sun hopes that isn't a spammer

<GHfan_Sam> Very, very much so

<GHammerSteve> Yes, Rich Williams of Kansas joined us for a song.

<Fred_Schendel> it was a lot of fun- there were some technical glitches (as always) but it came off quite well

<Fred_Schendel> glitches

<DJBarryHobbit> Man, how cool is DAT!

<Fred_Schendel> that's what I said!! *lol*

<GHfan_Sam> and i got to be onstage with gh and rich williams together!!!

<GHammerSteve> It was the coolest.  I looked over and saw Rich, then looked back behind me and saw our choir.

* Sun read about the glitches...some people aren't happy unless they slam someone.

<GHammerSteve> A dream come true!

<DJBarryHobbit> What didja play with him?

<Fred_Schendel> Portrait (He Knew)

<GHammerSteve> Well, there were 3 standing ovations - and all were standing.

<DJBarryHobbit> One of me favorites!

<GHammerSteve> Of course, 2 were for Rich.

<GHammerSteve> lol

<GHfan_Sam> you deserved them though anyway

<Fred_Schendel> me and Walter had done it for years- never thinking we'd play it with someone from Kansas!!!

<GHammerSteve> We really didn't get a sound check, as Sam can attest to.

<DJBarryHobbit> I have seen some great pics

<DJBarryHobbit> From the show

<GHfan_Sam> yeah, it was pretty bad...

<GHammerSteve> We're hoping to film the show for a DVD release.

<GHfan_Sam> the sound check, i mean

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - Further Up And Further In

<GHammerSteve> The next show that is.

* Sun is looking forward to a live DVD

<GHfan_Sam> And there was much rejoicing....

<GHfan_Sam> ....yay....

<GHammerSteve> All of you should come to the show!

<GHfan_Sam> I am totally dragging my dad...

<GHfan_Sam> ...i hope

<Mike> When is this show...

<Fred_Schendel> yep, you get one more chance ;-)

* Mike just walked in from school supply shopping...UGH

<GHfan_Sam> i'm too young to drive all that way myself :-p

<GHammerSteve> September 22nd.

<DJBarryHobbit> Whoa live DVD

<DJBarryHobbit> I'm buying 2!

<GHammerSteve> Advance orders anyone?

<DJBarryHobbit> Ack! School supplies

<Sun> sure

<GHammerSteve> <g>

<GHfan_Sam> ME !! oh!  me!  pick me!!!

<zotzz> yes

<DJBarryHobbit> Here's my credit card number....=)

* Sun gets out the lint ball in his pocket

<Sun> oops

<GHammerSteve> We don't take lint.

<Sun> I know I have cash here somewhere

<DJBarryHobbit> It is GOOD lint though

<DJBarryHobbit> Some from his belly button!

<Sun> lol

<Fred_Schendel> my cat might take some lint though

<zotzz> gold lint

<GHfan_Sam> lol

* Mike needs details on this show...

<Mike> I'll go with Barry and Benji..

<Mike> we'll carpool?

<GHammerSteve> Chattanooga, Rhythm and Brews - downtown.

<Sun> September is all we know so far

<GHammerSteve> Nice club, as clubs go.

<Keith> brb

<Mike> Chattanoooooooooooooga Choo Choo

<GHfan_Sam> he said the 22nd

<Fred_Schendel> a small, some might say intimate venue *g*  it's a nice little place here in Chattanooga for original music

<Sun> thanks Sam

<DJBarryHobbit> ROAD TRIP!

<GHammerSteve> We're doing a Tolkien set in Toronto in December.

<GHfan_Sam> yay!!!^_^

<Sun> small clubs are always better!

<GHammerSteve> Get those new lyrics Fred?

<DJBarryHobbit> I will bring the digital cam

<Fred_Schendel> yes I did

<DJBarryHobbit> And take some cool snaps

<zotzz> can imaginary dimensions fly me out for that show?

<GHammerSteve> Please do!

<DJBarryHobbit> And the camcorder

<Sun> lol Greg

<DJBarryHobbit> Sure Greg

<DJBarryHobbit> The lint is in the mail

<zotzz> when can you buy my ticket?

<Fred_Schendel> the trick to the middle Earth show is that everyone has to dress up *g*

<GHfan_Sam> you could take greyhound... lol... a nice 23 hour trip on the bus...

<GHammerSteve> Anyone recognize the title "Further up and Further in?

<GHfan_Sam> CS Lewis!

<GHfan_Sam> yay!

<DJBarryHobbit> Is that a Lewis thing?

<GHammerSteve> Sam - no fair!

<GHfan_Sam> last battle

<GHfan_Sam> right?

<Fred_Schendel> right

* ID-Amy has joined #dimensions

<GHfan_Sam> *hangs head

<GHfan_Sam> sorry...

<GHammerSteve> Tis a chapter or at least a phrase from the last Narnia book.

<Sun> welcome Amy

* Sun sets mode: +o ID-Amy

<zotzz> hi Amy

<DJBarryHobbit> *Barry can't wait for the new Narnia movie*

<GHammerSteve> That's okay Sam.  :::pats her head::::

<DJBarryHobbit> Hi Aminator!

<GHfan_Sam> mae govannen

<GHfan_Sam> *smile*

<Fred_Schendel> hallo Amy *g*

<GHfan_Sam> ooh, my fave part right here!!!

<GHfan_Sam> *relishes the mus8ic*

<GHammerSteve> Hello Amy.

<Sun> Sam I hate to see you sitting there by yourself tonight so you are an honorary op tonight since you took the time to stop by and visit

<DJBarryHobbit> Sam, you run the GH fan site?

* Sun sets mode: +o GHfan_Sam

<GHfan_Sam> yup yup

<GHammerSteve> Well, theres (official)

<GHfan_Sam> huh, sun?

<GHammerSteve> and  Sam's sight.

<ID-Amy> hey everyone!

<DJBarryHobbit> Nice site, we have chatted on the message board

<DJBarryHobbit> Been to both sites

<ID-Amy> This is pretty neat Bear!

<GHammerSteve> She gets exclusives!

<DJBarryHobbit> Click on this

<Fred_Schendel> Sam has stuff you can't see on our regular site

<GHfan_Sam> fwahahahahah!


<DJBarryHobbit> or

<GHfan_Sam> Very special stuff

<GHfan_Sam> Like Nex Tex


* Sun likes stuff

<Fred_Schendel> ooooo-- Bozzio fill 8g*

<GHfan_Sam> and secret lyrics

<GHammerSteve> Sam has the best NEARfest photos.

<GHfan_Sam> and interviews!

<DJBarryHobbit> Clickable! =)

<DJBarryHobbit> Me favorite part HERE!

<Fred_Schendel> sorry *lol*

<DJBarryHobbit> Nice Vox HERE!

<GHfan_Sam> this whole album is just about impossible to listen to without singing along...

<Keith> be back in a little bit

* Keith has left #dimensions

<GHammerSteve> That's Fred!  Fred gets all the glory!

<GHfan_Sam> .:_)

<Fred_Schendel> awwwwwww

* ID-Amy is now known as Mike_

<Fred_Schendel> I'm embarrassed

<DJBarryHobbit> The thing that you called glory!

<GHammerSteve> Hey Mike - got identity issues?

<GHfan_Sam> hopefully i don't annoy people too much... when there's not lyrics to sing to, i even will hum along with the synthesizers and any sort of other music!

* Mike_ is now known as Mike_n_Amy

<DJBarryHobbit> Look at the warrior, he's dropped his sword...

<DJBarryHobbit> I LOVE that part

<GHammerSteve> He fell for a goddess!

<GHfan_Sam> * suddenly reminded of David and Goliath...

<DJBarryHobbit> Danged Ares and danged Goddesses

<GHammerSteve> Written about the same time.

<Mike> Nope...moving upstairs while dinner is being prepared...

* Mike has quit IRC (Quit: )

<DJBarryHobbit> errr...goddesses...small g

<GHammerSteve> !!! lol

<DJBarryHobbit> This part ROX!

<Fred_Schendel> d'oh!!

* Mike_n_Amy has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

<GHammerSteve> 8 string bass here!

<GHfan_Sam> Yay!!!!

<GHfan_Sam> I also sing along with the bass part sometimes...

<GHfan_Sam> heh...

<DJBarryHobbit> Whoa, I can play E!

<GHammerSteve> Carrie Streets on vocals

<GHfan_Sam> i always wondered!

<DJBarryHobbit> Nice multi-layer vox!

<GHammerSteve> David's wife (of D&G)

<GHfan_Sam> i figured it was sarah or something

* Sun bangs his head to the drums....that is why I don't make a lot of sense at times

<GHammerSteve> 4 string bass again

<GHfan_Sam> so what does sarah sing then?

<Sun> nice piano ;)

<Fred_Schendel> an impossible piano part *g*

<Sun> no kidding

<Fred_Schendel> it's sped up just a *bit*

<GHammerSteve> She does all of the parts on Centurion, the soprano on WWWYoung, and one solo on Tales.

<Sun> tricks of the studio?

<Fred_Schendel> then I had to play it live- D'oh!! *lol*

<GHfan_Sam> the "i will lead the charge"?

<Sun> lol

<GHammerSteve> Yep!

<GHammerSteve> That's her.

<GHfan_Sam> I see

<DJBarryHobbit> My favorite keys here

<DJBarryHobbit> Great lick!

<Fred_Schendel> just to get it so clean sounding... see, you guys are learning all the tricks now ;-)

<GHammerSteve> David Carter on guitar.

<GHfan_Sam> nice

<DJBarryHobbit> I like this

<DJBarryHobbit> right

<DJBarryHobbit> NOW!

<GHammerSteve> Hammond of course.

<GHfan_Sam> :)

<Fred_Schendel> I like this part- it actually reminds me of the band Discipline trying to sound like Genesis *lol*

<DJBarryHobbit> HO

<GHammerSteve> Ha!

<GHammerSteve> Boring for the bassist though!

<GHfan_Sam> i was so proud when i finally figured out what freed was singing in the background...

<Fred_Schendel> David Carter on guitar starting HERE

<GHammerSteve> What is it?

<GHfan_Sam> "further up"

<GHfan_Sam> like the title....

<GHfan_Sam> you know?

<GHfan_Sam> *hangs head*

<GHammerSteve> Right you are.

<GHfan_Sam> not too good with picking out lyrics

<GHfan_Sam> a little bit slow

<Fred_Schendel> the title of the song had to be in there *somewhere* lol

<GHfan_Sam> Of course

<Fred_Schendel> title

<GHfan_Sam> :)

<GHammerSteve> It was in there earlier!

<GHfan_Sam> Hey, i actually knew that too!

<GHfan_Sam> "so his .... turned from men, further up and further in"

<GHfan_Sam> forgot a word there

<Fred_Schendel> well yeah, but this is beating it with a sledgehammer

<GHfan_Sam> But that line always makes me wince

<GHammerSteve> Right :)

<DJBarryHobbit> Nice end to this song

* Sun wants to ask a techie question....what processing do you use on the electric guitars?

<GHfan_Sam> men?  in?  those don't rhyme! 

<GHammerSteve> It ain't over yet though!

<Fred_Schendel> dynamics--- yay us *lol*

<GHfan_Sam> ;)

<GHammerSteve> tremolo on the bass

<DJBarryHobbit> Nice "wind down"...that better?

<DJBarryHobbit> HOHOHO

<GHammerSteve> Gotcha :)

<Fred_Schendel> usually a little pedal from Digitech- we don't use amps much anymore in the studio

<Sun> all direct to disc?

<Fred_Schendel> can't remember the model offhand

<Sun> no preamps?

<GHammerSteve> Sans amp on the bass.

<Fred_Schendel> nope...  direct inject.  technology has made it possible *g*

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: CTraxGrandCanyon

<Sun> do you process it once it is on disc?

<Fred_Schendel> actually, we did mic an amp on the bass for this album... we didn't use it much

* Sun is trying to learn the tricks

<GHfan_Sam> no more gh music? ;_;

<Fred_Schendel> woohoo!  yay Sam

<GHammerSteve> Two cabinets - the sun and a 15 wasn't it?

<GHfan_Sam> Yay!!!  *special fuzzies*

* Sun chants Chronometree!!!

<Sun> next

<GHfan_Sam> Thank you!

<Fred_Schendel> yes

<GHammerSteve> Three channels of bass to choose from in the mix.

<Fred_Schendel> but there is so much good amp modeling stuff on the market now... everything can be simulated

* Sun settles for what secrets of the studio he can squeeze out of you great musicians

<GHammerSteve> Its all in the ears :)

<GHammerSteve> That would be me.

<GHammerSteve> Me...

<GHammerSteve> ME!!!

<GHfan_Sam> lol

<GHfan_Sam> is there an echo?

<GHammerSteve> Wow!

<Sun> who can afford a

<Fred_Schendel> you could buy a Guitar Pod and a bass pod from Line 6 and you're set to record bass and guitars, Sun *g*

<Sun> or find one for that matter

<GHammerSteve> Thanks.

<Fred_Schendel> they do every classic sound

<GHammerSteve> We had fun with that!

<Sun> a line 6 amp...almost bought one

<Sun> effects built in

<GHammerSteve> Its Tronolicious!

<GHfan_Sam> recorder!  *cheers*

<Fred_Schendel> should we tell him *g*

<Fred_Schendel> Trontastic

<GHammerSteve> Nah...

<Sun> lol

<GHammerSteve> Kick backs for Barry!

<zotzz> buy all their stufffffffff

<GHammerSteve> Kick backs for zotzz.

<GHfan_Sam> Totally!!!

<GHammerSteve> Were currently writing more Tolkien music.

<GHammerSteve> My wife is a Boromir girl.

<zotzz> great

<Fred_Schendel> it all started with the Tolkien stuff...

<DJBarryHobbit> Yay!

<DJBarryHobbit> Sorry, I'm nervous

<DJBarryHobbit> gushing a little

<GHfan_Sam> A Boromir girl? Ooo

<GHfan_Sam> You're doing fine

<GHammerSteve> Oh - and a Faramir girl as well.

<DJBarryHobbit> I want to do a phone interview as well

<GHfan_Sam> He's awesome!

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - Intermission

<Fred_Schendel> all the -mirs...

<DJBarryHobbit> And I will settle down a bit!

<GHfan_Sam> Except for the PJ one... :(

<DJBarryHobbit> Promise!

<DJBarryHobbit> Of course Aragorn is played by Viggo Mortensen

<GHammerSteve> We'll do a phone interview.  We love to wisecrack though - just a warning.

<Fred_Schendel> Petermir???

<GHammerSteve> :)

<GHfan_Sam> *sam tries to dig up some strange silmarillion -mir name but can't remember any others*

<DJBarryHobbit> I have lost my mind

<GHfan_Sam> :-p *hack*

<GHfan_Sam> I hate Viggo.

<GHammerSteve> Viggo apparently doesn't like America - or so I heard.

<GHfan_Sam> yay!  wise cracking phone interview!!!  more stuff to look forward to!

<GHammerSteve> And yet, we're employing him :)

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - Music For Four Hands (And Temporal Anomaly)

<GHfan_Sam> "no blood for oil" -lol

<Fred_Schendel> well, he's a flakey guy in real life from what I've read but he's a good Aragorn

<DJBarryHobbit> My wife likes Viggo as Aragorn

<GHfan_Sam> he's way better than  liv tyler, that

* Sun even has The Wyzards that Steve was a part of long ago

<GHammerSteve> Right on the oil.  Just try driving to work without it!

<GHfan_Sam> s for sure...

<DJBarryHobbit> But not really Viggo politically or personally!

<Fred_Schendel> I do wish PJ hadn't made the character quite so... conflicted...

<DJBarryHobbit> Wyzards is the only thing I need to get!

<GHfan_Sam> I totally agree!

<GHammerSteve> Wyzards has some good moments.

<GHfan_Sam> "i don't want to be a king... *sniff sniff*" wimp!

<DJBarryHobbit> PJ did add a lot of stuff 4 sure

<GHammerSteve> There's an 'epic' that was fun to write.

<DJBarryHobbit> But still think he did an admirable job

<Fred_Schendel> well, we could nitpick the movies but that's not why we're here *lol*  PJ's doing a great job

<GHfan_Sam> I agree

<GHfan_Sam> Sam rocks!

<GHfan_Sam> That's all that matters, right? ;)

<GHfan_Sam> no, jk

<DJBarryHobbit> Yup!

<DJBarryHobbit> Nice PEEEano here

* Sun chants Chronometree!!! next!!!

<GHammerSteve> PJ is making great movies .

Mike_n_Amy has joined #dimensions

<GHammerSteve> But Tolkien made better books.

<GHfan_Sam> Silmarillion!

<Sun> wb Mike and Amy

<GHfan_Sam> Yay!

<GHammerSteve> Hi Mike and Amy

<GHfan_Sam> mae govannen again

* Sun sets mode: +o Mike_n_Amy

<GHammerSteve> Cool edit Fred.

<Fred_Schendel> anyone who guesses the meaning of the title of the piano piece wins some lint

<Mike_n_Amy> hey guys

<GHfan_Sam> Meaning?

<Sun> lol fred

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - A Cup Of Trembling

<GHammerSteve> Don't you dare tell them Fred.

<DJBarryHobbit> hmmmmmm

<GHfan_Sam> *confused*

* Sun thinks

<DJBarryHobbit> Music for clocks?

<GHammerSteve> Yep!  You win the lint!

<Fred_Schendel> sort of

<DJBarryHobbit> Yay!

<GHfan_Sam> I don't get it.

<GHammerSteve> You will when you're older Sam.

<GHfan_Sam> *pout*

<GHammerSteve> Just kidding :)

<Sun> wow I guess Barry gets that lint sent overnight express

<GHfan_Sam> :)

<DJBarryHobbit> Man, GH lint.  A true honor!

<Sun> frame it now

<GHfan_Sam> no kidding!

<DJBarryHobbit> I will frame it with my Lex Rex CD cover

<Sun> lol

<GHammerSteve> No kidding, we'll be doing a Lint give away with the next release.

<GHammerSteve> I'm serious.

<GHammerSteve> Okay, no I'm not.

<GHfan_Sam> Yay!  Lint for sam!

<Fred_Schendel> hey, maybe that should be the name... "Lint"

<GHfan_Sam> I'll hang it up in my locker!

<DJBarryHobbit> So fellas, I shoulda played Chronometree after this rather than ArkAngel

<Fred_Schendel> it's very post-modern

<zotzz> yes

<GHfan_Sam> the more gh the better

<GHfan_Sam> that

<GHfan_Sam> s always the rule

<GHammerSteve> Well, I started to suggest that, but thought otherwise.

<Sun> Do you have a working name for the next release?

<GHfan_Sam> .*always

<DJBarryHobbit> *Barry could do a last minute programming change*

<GHammerSteve> lol

<DJBarryHobbit> I AM DJ BarryHobbit

<Fred_Schendel> we.... might

<DJBarryHobbit> !

<GHammerSteve> Yes - the name of the album is:

<GHfan_Sam> Yay!  chronometree!

<GHfan_Sam> *drum roll*

* Sun listens closely for the scoop

<GHammerSteve> Shadowlands

<DJBarryHobbit> Yes..

<DJBarryHobbit> COOL

<GHfan_Sam> Yay!!!!!

<DJBarryHobbit> Lewis!

<DJBarryHobbit> Yay!

<Sun> Great!!

<Fred_Schendel> well, there ya go *g*

<GHammerSteve> Well Fred, I guess that settles it.

<Sun> lol

<GHfan_Sam> I feel privileged!

<GHammerSteve> Weve anguished over the title, more than the music.

<GHfan_Sam> Ouch

<GHammerSteve> You are the first to know.

<Sun> I did say working I will understand if you guys change it.

<GHammerSteve> Go forth and spread the good tidings.

<zotzz> like the title

<Fred_Schendel> no, I think that's it

<GHfan_Sam> I will post it on my site!

Sun spreads the butter

<GHfan_Sam> fwahahahha!

<GHammerSteve> Don't give us a way out!

<GHfan_Sam> as we speak!

<Fred_Schendel> we just needed someone to go "yay"  *lol*

<GHfan_Sam> i'

<GHfan_Sam> m good at doing that!

<GHfan_Sam> yay!

<GHfan_Sam> see?

<GHfan_Sam> it'

<GHammerSteve> Other titles were - "Album of the Year", and "Tronosaurus".

<GHfan_Sam> s my specialty

<Fred_Schendel> and "Lint"

<Sun> it may be the album of the year anyway

<GHfan_Sam> i did like Lint...

<GHfan_Sam> ;)

<zotzz> keep the shadowland title

<GHammerSteve> It is not "The Return of Lex Rex".  It isn't a concept album :)

<GHfan_Sam> :( 

<GHfan_Sam> no big story

<GHfan_Sam> but i guess a bunch of little stories can be good as well...

<DJBarryHobbit> OK folks, programming change in honor of our special guests

<GHammerSteve> How do you follow the last story?

* Sun wants to hear the story behind the album...big or not?

<DJBarryHobbit> We will be playing Chronometree in its entirety

* Sun chants Chronometree!!! next!!!

<Fred_Schendel> it sounds somewhat Lexy-Rexy.... hopefully a bit better but you'll all have to be the judge of that!

<Sun> yah!!

<GHfan_Sam> Yay!!!!!!!..

<Sun> lol

<GHammerSteve> Well, these are individual songs.

<GHfan_Sam> better than lex rex will probably cause many circuits of mine to completely short

<Fred_Schendel> I even wrote some words...

<GHammerSteve> 2 or 3 introspective things, one 'prayer' called "Farewell to Shadowlands",

<GHfan_Sam> i honestly cannot fathom that

<GHammerSteve> and a tale from the Napoloenic wars.

<Sun> I just love the complex prog music of Glass is rare today.

<GHfan_Sam> (i mean i can't fathom being better than lex rex, not i can't fathom that stuff steve was saying)

<Fred_Schendel> well, we 're always into what we're doing NOW, we can't be objective

<GHammerSteve> I agree though, it sounds better than Lex.

<GHfan_Sam> **bouncing up and down** YAY!

<GHammerSteve> Better equipment now.

<Mike_n_Amy> Yay...Chronometree!!!!

<GHammerSteve> And thanks for playing Chronometree.

<Fred_Schendel> yes indeed!!

<GHfan_Sam> (see, i am professional "yay-sayer"!, no?  watch the art with which i insert my exclamation points!)

<GHfan_Sam> I havent listened to chronometree yet today...

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - Centurion

<Fred_Schendel> the check's in the mail Sam ;-)

<GHfan_Sam> lint?

<GHfan_Sam> of my very own?

<GHfan_Sam> oh please, please?

<GHammerSteve> Sarah on the vocals...coming up.

<Fred_Schendel> Xebo approved Lint!

<Mike_n_Amy> dryer lint?...or Bellybutton Lint?

<GHammerSteve> Buried in the background of course.

<GHfan_Sam> hooray!

<GHfan_Sam> I can never make out what she

<GHfan_Sam> s saying

<Fred_Schendel> behind-the-couch lint

<GHfan_Sam> :(

<GHammerSteve> 8 string bass again.

<GHfan_Sam> although i think i can hear "for unto us a child is born a song is given....

<GHammerSteve> Love that 8 string.

<Sun> oh cool...might be a piece of candy or old popcorn mixed in there

<GHfan_Sam> 'and the spear of the roman pierced holy flesh" but that's it

<GHfan_Sam> oh, popcorn is indeed wonderful

<Mike_n_Amy> I love commentaries during music...

<GHammerSteve> Well, thats enough I suppose.

<GHfan_Sam> Im going to go wait in front of my mailbox

<GHammerSteve> There she is.

<GHfan_Sam> then again, steve, this is the Lyrically Challenged speaking

<Sun> lol

<GHammerSteve> That's why we print the lyrics :)

<Mike_n_Amy> Neal Morse did that during the "Snow" premiere, it was a hoot!

<Fred_Schendel> We thought it would be fun to do an "old-school" instrumental song, or I did... that was the idea behind this

* Sun loves the chorus work...sounds quite like a small choir

<GHammerSteve> One girl, many tracks.

<Sun> better than the mellotron choir...she rocks

<Fred_Schendel> and then some more atonal stuff than the rest of the album for the more hard-core proggers ;-)

<GHammerSteve> She really is good.  I've worked with her since she was 15.

<GHammerSteve> She's just 20 now I think.

<GHammerSteve> Met her at church.

<GHfan_Sam> cool :)

<GHfan_Sam> did she sing in the church music group or something?

<GHammerSteve> Sang in the choir.

<GHammerSteve> She's in a couple of bands now, ours included.

<GHammerSteve> Background noise is from David and Goliath.

<GHammerSteve> Was.

<Sun> I was about to ask

<GHfan_Sam> i was wondering about that!

<GHfan_Sam> what part?

* Sun could not make out what was being said

<GHammerSteve> Shamah I think.  It happens during Further Up too.

<GHfan_Sam> (my bros were listening to that this week  - they like it a lot, but i think they still love man in the woods more...)

<GHammerSteve> Near the beginning.  Zeru and Goliath I think.

<Fred_Schendel> i was just meant to be muttering... indistinct

<Fred_Schendel> it

<GHfan_Sam> Ok, shamah is who?  Fred?  or Brad?

<GHfan_Sam> I always get them mixed up

<GHammerSteve> Brad.

<GHfan_Sam> wait... fred is abner?

<GHfan_Sam> K

<GHfan_Sam> Got it then.

<GHammerSteve> Fred is Abner and Abinidab.

<Sun> like the voices in my head Fred...please make them stop!

<GHammerSteve> Actually Zeru says "Where is he going Father", before Further Up.

<GHfan_Sam> Oh adam, come here... ABNER!!!

<GHfan_Sam> hee hee hee

<Fred_Schendel> just hit yourself until they don't bother you anymore ;-)

<GHammerSteve> I thought it kinda made sense.

<GHfan_Sam> Yeah, that

<GHfan_Sam> 's cool

<GHfan_Sam> :)

* Keith has joined #dimensions

* ChanServ sets mode: +o Keith

<Fred_Schendel> and there's a "Good Night" in there too

* Sun takes Fred's advice....

<GHfan_Sam> (I did hear that!

<Sun> I love this part

<GHfan_Sam> Go me!

<Sun> part

<Fred_Schendel> nooooooo I was kidding *g*

<GHammerSteve> Kinda Somnambulist like?

<Sun> This was the "end of the world" type of stuff I love

<GHfan_Sam> somewhere in here i always think it's switching to "wwwy" and i get all confused.  even though i listen to this album about  every day so i should know better... :-p

<GHammerSteve> That's Somnambulist!

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - When We Were Young

<GHammerSteve> It would be neat to do the soundtrack for 'the end of the world'.

<Mike_n_Amy> Amy wonders who's a Buddhist...

<Sun> please do!

<Fred_Schendel> Somnambulist are gooderns

<GHfan_Sam> lol

<GHammerSteve> Presbyterian here.

<GHfan_Sam> roman catholic for me

<GHfan_Sam> ..just in case anyone cares.

<GHfan_Sam> ;)

<Sun> nice to know :)

<GHammerSteve> We're watching you Sam.

<GHfan_Sam> EEEEkkkkkk

<DJBarryHobbit> I like the singing here

<DJBarryHobbit> Coming up...

<GHfan_Sam> **looks around, paranoid*

<GHfan_Sam> I love it!!!!

<GHammerSteve> Steve sings first, then Fred.

* Sun is a pagan....just kidding

<DJBarryHobbit> We care

<GHfan_Sam> This song... *sigh*  love it SO much!

<Fred_Schendel> I'm just a tiny bit on this one

<zotzz> agnostic here, not kidding

<GHfan_Sam> Tied with two others for #1 best ever song in the world!

<GHammerSteve> We're watching you too then zotzz! lol

<Sun> lol

<DJBarryHobbit> Cool singing NOW!

<GHammerSteve> That's a mellotron!

<GHfan_Sam> the coolest part comes a little later, but this part is cool as well, beyond all doubt....

<GHfan_Sam> *singing along*

<GHammerSteve> Here's me...

<Fred_Schendel> there's a song about that on the next album... at least acknowledging the question is the first step *g*

<GHfan_Sam> Go steve!

<Fred_Schendel> accckk ackowlto  acnowk-- you get the idea *lol*

<GHammerSteve> Fred here .... I made him sing it 4 times.  He got mad!

<GHfan_Sam> ha ha

<GHammerSteve> He's usually a one take singer.

<GHfan_Sam> Well, only the best, right?  and it sounds awesome!

<GHfan_Sam> yipes.  that's cool

<DJBarryHobbit> I like the singing

<DJBarryHobbit> Male and female!

<GHammerSteve> I'm a ten take singer.

<Fred_Schendel> I did??    I should have done it more

<GHammerSteve> <g>

<GHfan_Sam> heh... i'm like... 20?

<DJBarryHobbit> Nice keys here

<GHfan_Sam> and still not good?

<GHammerSteve> Ah - at last I'm on the keys.

<GHfan_Sam> best part!!

<GHfan_Sam> well, one of the best parts....

<GHammerSteve> Until the hammond solo that is.

<GHfan_Sam> i prefer vocals usually...

<zotzz> Barry, how am i going to follow your radio program tonight! After having 2 members of glass hammer, and 2 classic GH albums

<GHammerSteve> A bath?

<GHfan_Sam> lol

<Keith> lol

<GHfan_Sam> the Silmarillion!

<GHfan_Sam> read it!

<Fred_Schendel> a Steve solo

<Fred_Schendel> yay

<GHfan_Sam> yay!

<GHammerSteve> ::::bows:::

<zotzz> i took a bath 2 hours ago

<GHammerSteve> Fred on the Hammond.


<GHfan_Sam> better read the Sil then

<GHammerSteve> Sam, I wrote one about Glaurung today.

<GHfan_Sam> Cool!!!!

<GHfan_Sam> what about?

<Fred_Schendel> this part is sooooooo dang fast when we do it live *lol*

<GHfan_Sam> turin included?

<GHfan_Sam> BEST PART!

<GHammerSteve> He dreams of slaying Turin.

<GHfan_Sam> No.... skipping!!!

<GHfan_Sam> Oh that is going to be awesome!!

<GHammerSteve> Fred on the moog.

<GHfan_Sam> K sorry, talking to myself and then you....

<Fred_Schendel> it's the hip-hop remix

<GHfan_Sam> lol

<Fred_Schendel> ;-)

<DJBarryHobbit> Heh Hip hop

<GHammerSteve> Mellotron.

<GHfan_Sam> *HACK*

<GHfan_Sam> that would be bad

<GHammerSteve> Steel

<GHfan_Sam> i hate hip hot just about as much as i hate country

<GHammerSteve> 8 string :)

<DJBarryHobbit> GH Hip Hoppin in the hizzouse

<GHfan_Sam> yay!

<GHammerSteve> Steve sings.

<DJBarryHobbit> I have Artifact

<DJBarryHobbit> Sang it Steve

<Fred_Schendel> the prizzouse *g*

<GHammerSteve> Then sings, Steve, Fred, Robert, Carrie and Sarah.

<GHfan_Sam> *singing along still*

<DJBarryHobbit> I'm singing over here

<DJBarryHobbit> HO

<Fred_Schendel> this is the culmination of my Steve Howe fetish, so-to-speak *lol*

<GHammerSteve> Fun to do this live!

<GHfan_Sam> no kidding!!

<Sun> use the steel with an old echoplex on the next cd

<Fred_Schendel> when I get an electric sitar i will be complete

<Fred_Schendel> it

<GHammerSteve> Get one!

<GHammerSteve> Rejoice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

<Fred_Schendel> I'd love to get another Echoplex- I need to check E-bay

<Sun> oh yeah....coral electric sitar

<GHfan_Sam> **blissful sigh**

<GHfan_Sam> *resonation*

<Fred_Schendel> Line 6 makes a modeler of that too *lol*

<zotzz> that would be cool

<Sun> I had one too long ago

<GHammerSteve> Here, in the live show , we break into Heaven from Perelandra.

<Fred_Schendel> but the real ones are awesome.  i used to have a Guild Copycat- similar idea

<DJBarryHobbit> I like the dramatic FX in the background

<GHfan_Sam> throw off the chains for the mortal is done away!  her heart is breaking, for joy unknown!

<GHfan_Sam> Some of my favorite lyrics ever from you

<Fred_Schendel> but you could splice your own tape for it- no cartridges

<GHfan_Sam> and anyone else, for that matter

<GHammerSteve> Goliath in the background here I think

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - Goodnight

<GHammerSteve> And a hobbit from the M.E. Album is laughing in the background.

<GHfan_Sam> it all becomes clear!

<DJBarryHobbit> Funky dramatic FX

<Fred_Schendel> sorry- tech babble *g*

<DJBarryHobbit> Cool

<DJBarryHobbit> Good night!

* Sun had one of the big Roland Chorus Echo units too but the Echoplex had a longer delay if I remember correctly

<GHammerSteve> I have fun doing these little bits of audio.

<GHfan_Sam> I can tell! ;)

<Fred_Schendel> and the slide-lever- that was the key!

<DJBarryHobbit> *Barry did not here Heroes and Dragons the first few times I heard Lex Rex*

* Sun loves the tech babble

<DJBarryHobbit> I thought the CD was over

<GHfan_Sam> second song tired for #1 song in the universe...

<DJBarryHobbit> *duh*

<GHfan_Sam> Sad!!!!!

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - Heroes And Dragons

<GHfan_Sam> I love this one so much

<GHammerSteve> Did your copy skip?  Some did.

<Fred_Schendel> we'll start a GH tech-babble forum *g*

<DJBarryHobbit> No skips

<DJBarryHobbit> Like this song a lot

<Sun> would love it

<GHammerSteve> Good!

<DJBarryHobbit> kinda ELP-ish

<DJBarryHobbit> Here

<GHammerSteve> This was written, lyrics first.

<GHammerSteve> Only one on the album.

<GHfan_Sam> fred, your voice is so perfect for this song - glad you didn't go with that other guy

<Fred_Schendel> tech-tip: we always mic acoustic guitar- never direct

<GHfan_Sam> the lyrics are the COOLEST!!!!!

<GHammerSteve> Thanks :)

<GHfan_Sam> I wrote them down and made a whole bunch of people read them

<GHfan_Sam> they were all impressed

<Fred_Schendel> awwww. thanks *blush*

<GHfan_Sam> :)

<GHammerSteve> Hope our agnostic friend read them! lol

<GHammerSteve> Well, we have just blabbed and blabbed!

<GHfan_Sam> They are totally tolkien level of awesomeness!

<DJBarryHobbit> Great message in this song!

<GHfan_Sam> ...blabbing?  what else are you supposed to do?

<DJBarryHobbit> Put down the dragon!

<GHfan_Sam> in a chat room?

<GHfan_Sam> Yes!

<GHammerSteve> I think it was important to end on this note.

<GHfan_Sam> Score!

<GHammerSteve> Inspired by a chapter from "Wild at Heart".

<GHfan_Sam> What's that?

<Sun> mankind has fallen and can't get up

<GHammerSteve> LOL!

<GHfan_Sam> **more resonations for sam**

<GHammerSteve> Wild at Heart is a 'men's book' by Eldridge.

<Fred_Schendel> good one Sun ;-)

<GHfan_Sam> aaah! *near heart attack from sudden talking*

<GHammerSteve> Christian book, new.

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - Good Evening

<Sun> aww fanks

<GHfan_Sam> enjoyed it?  rofl!  understatement!

<GHfan_Sam> yup

<GHfan_Sam> lol ;)

<GHammerSteve> Great radio voice.

<GHfan_Sam> hear hear!

<Sun> I told him he could go pro at a station

<GHammerSteve> 2

<Fred_Schendel> 2!

<Sun> he does have the voice

<GHammerSteve> one is out of print though :(

<GHfan_Sam> hee hee hee :)  *more warm fuzzies*

* Sun throws in some more lint so you can release it again....since you are talking about fuzzies

<Fred_Schendel> I'd kind of like to hear that ;-)

<GHfan_Sam> Fuzzies unite!

<GHfan_Sam> me too, but chronometree rocks more.

<zotzz> yes

<GHammerSteve> Mike, what's for dinner?

<Mike_n_Amy> Shepherds Pie!!!!

<GHammerSteve> What????

<Keith> Yum!

<Sun> lol

<GHammerSteve> First Christian CD?

<GHfan_Sam> does it have lint?

<GHammerSteve> I'll have a talk with Neal!

<GHfan_Sam> Christian is universal truth...

<GHfan_Sam> i mean, lotr and the silmarillion are the huge epic Christian fantasies...

* Sun is proud of Tennessee prog

<Fred_Schendel> kewl!!!

<zotzz> plug ftt to the guys

<GHammerSteve> Background?

<GHfan_Sam> YAY!

<GHfan_Sam> I know

<GHfan_Sam> for me, conversation is in the background

<Sun> Can we have another Yah!

<Fred_Schendel> this is an album about an organ sound *g*

<GHfan_Sam> Ill be talking, and then suddenly stop so i can sting along to my favorite part, and then resume my sentence later...

<GHammerSteve> We're hard on ourselves as vocalists.

<GHammerSteve> AIR EON

<GHfan_Sam> ah, but you're getting more and more awesome all the time!

<Fred_Schendel> the discovery of The Sound led to the album

<Fred_Schendel> in large part

<Fred_Schendel> part

<GHfan_Sam> oooh, i'm getting excited...

<DJBarryHobbit> Air Eon

<GHfan_Sam> yay!

<DJBarryHobbit> Got it!

<DJBarryHobbit> Enuff wid da yakkin

<Sun> backwards sounding guitar...very cool

<DJBarryHobbit> Time for da jams

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - All In Good Time - Empty Space / Revealer

<Fred_Schendel> the beginning is the end... backwards

<GHfan_Sam> update for the album title!

<GHfan_Sam> Yes, aristotle..... O.o

<GHammerSteve> Cool

<Sun> thanks for the little tidbit of info :)

<GHammerSteve> Jump on it Sam.

<GHfan_Sam> fwahahahah!

<Fred_Schendel> this sounds nothing like Tarkus, BTW ;-)

<GHammerSteve> Fred ROCKS!

<GHfan_Sam> Whooohooo!!!

<GHfan_Sam> i love this album.

<GHammerSteve> Arjen ROCKS!

<GHfan_Sam> yay!!!

<GHammerSteve> Arjen Lucassen from Holland.

<Fred_Schendel> yeah he did

<GHammerSteve> 4 string bass with an octave box.

<Fred_Schendel> there are about 5 guitarists on this album-- each did something very cool in their style

<GHfan_Sam> *is very tempted to sing along to the instruments*

<GHfan_Sam> Awesome bass

<Fred_Schendel> this album was a change from fake organ on the earlier albums back to the real thing... what a difference...

<GHammerSteve> We really liked Brad.  A controversial choice however.

<GHfan_Sam> I don't really like brad's voice, but it is totally perfect for this album.  awesome.

<GHfan_Sam> that was scary

<Sun> you used samplers?

<GHfan_Sam> i wrote that before you said that, steve

<GHammerSteve> That's the point I think.  It fit the album for us.

<GHfan_Sam> same thought waves

<GHfan_Sam> i can't imagine anyone else singing here

<Fred_Schendel> It was a Korg 01/W with a patch i did myself on the earlier albums

<GHammerSteve> Great minds you know.

<GHfan_Sam> natrlich :)

<GHammerSteve> Mike, email me a piece of Shepherd's Pie please.

<Fred_Schendel> We thought Brad had a 70's vibe which was the idea behind the album

<Sun> lol

<GHfan_Sam> really?

<GHfan_Sam> ;).

<GHammerSteve> Well, we thought so.

<GHfan_Sam> sam thinks so too

<GHammerSteve> He is a truly talented song writer.

<GHfan_Sam> i don't like perfect carousel

<GHammerSteve> He wrote Perfect Carousel.

<GHfan_Sam> to be honest

* Sun does

<GHfan_Sam> i know

<Fred_Schendel> We thought he sounded more emotional than we might

<GHammerSteve> It was one of the most popular songs though.

<Sun> it fits right in nicely like I mentioned before

<GHfan_Sam> :-p

<GHfan_Sam> yeah it does, and i can't see chronometree without it, but i dont like it that much

<Mike_n_Amy> we'll bring you some on Sept 22nd, Steve!

<GHammerSteve> Gotcha

<GHammerSteve> Bag it up and come on down!

<Fred_Schendel> this is me and terry Clouse from Somnambulist playing guitar

<GHammerSteve> Terry ROCKS!

<GHfan_Sam> I love this song

<DJBarryHobbit> Somnambulistic!

<Fred_Schendel> *lol*

<GHfan_Sam> ...and the next song.... and the next song... and the next song... and the next song...

<GHfan_Sam> but not the next one!

<Fred_Schendel> see- this is the intro the right way

<GHfan_Sam> ;)

<DJBarryHobbit> Sam, you must be a fan?

<DJBarryHobbit> =)

<GHfan_Sam> Ohhhhh!

<GHfan_Sam> Who  me?

<GHfan_Sam> Nah

<GHfan_Sam> *nah.

<DJBarryHobbit> How do you say Glass Hammer in Elvish?

<GHfan_Sam> I only listen to lex rex every day, made a whole fan website, and do all sorts of other gh terrorist type of activities

<GHfan_Sam> sindarin or quenya?

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - All In Good Time - An Eldritch Wind

<Fred_Schendel> this song has an instrument we've never used any other time to date:

<GHfan_Sam> in sindarin, Heled Dring

<Sun> harpsichord!

<Fred_Schendel> the autoharp

<DJBarryHobbit> Cool

<Mike_n_Amy> I was going to see GH at DragonCon a few years ago, but someone hurt themselves and it got cancelled!

<Fred_Schendel> ahh- gotcha ;-)

<DJBarryHobbit> Quenya?

<Fred_Schendel> gotcha I mean- we don't use it because it takes to long to tune

<DJBarryHobbit> Heled Dring!

<GHammerSteve> I sprained my wrist one year and played anyway.

<GHammerSteve> Not an option for Fred.

<GHfan_Sam> hyell namba

<GHammerSteve> Sorry :(

<DJBarryHobbit> El Glasso Hammero

<DJBarryHobbit> La Glass Hammera

<Mike_n_Amy> 2001? you guys played?

<GHfan_Sam> Cuio annan Heled Dring!

<DJBarryHobbit> El Hammero Glasso

<GHfan_Sam> A good phrase for all gh fans to know: "long live glass hammer"

<GHammerSteve> Well, I think it was 97 or 98.

<GHfan_Sam> (sindarin)

<Mike_n_Amy> when Spock's Beard was there

<GHammerSteve> No, that's the one we cancelled.

<DJBarryHobbit> An eldritch wind

<DJBarryHobbit> I'm likin that line/song

<GHfan_Sam> good song :)

<GHfan_Sam> mawns....

<GHfan_Sam> gee, where's this guy from?

<GHammerSteve> Lots of pot references here.  Hope it doesn't offend.

<GHfan_Sam> ;)

* Sun once smoked it

<zotzz> not me, doesn't offend

<GHammerSteve> Sun!  Did you inhale?

<Sun> well only once

<Sun> :)

<Fred_Schendel> guys, i apologize but I must go- must be somewhere :-( very sorry but I've had a great time.

<GHfan_Sam> Bye fred!

<GHammerSteve> Rock star!

<GHfan_Sam> Thanks for coming!

<DJBarryHobbit> Fred, THANKS!

<DJBarryHobbit> Great to have you!

<Sun> goodnight fred and thanks for putting up with us!

<GHfan_Sam> namri!

<GHammerSteve> See ya tomorrow Fred :)

<zotzz> thanks fred, great talking to you

<GHfan_Sam> tenn' enomentielva

<DJBarryHobbit> Blessings, hope the new record goes well!

<Keith> Thanks for coming Fred...have a great night

<Sun> have to start that GH techie board

<Fred_Schendel> it was great- thanks very much all of you and especially Barry *g*

<DJBarryHobbit> Be praying for you!

<Fred_Schendel> congrats to your son too!

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - All In Good Time - Revelation / Chronometry

<DJBarryHobbit> Thanks Fred, will be in touch

<DJBarryHobbit> Thanks!

<GHfan_Sam> BASS!!!

<Fred_Schendel> Steve will keep you filled in on all the secrets- this album has many!

<DJBarryHobbit> B-3!

<Sun> take care Fred

<GHammerSteve> Yes, I'll take credit for all the good stuff too!

<DJBarryHobbit> HOHO

<GHfan_Sam> (K sorry, had to stand in awe of that part again)

<Fred_Schendel> G'Nite!!  hope to see some of you here in Sept.

<GHfan_Sam> and then i'll steal it and put it on ym site

<GHammerSteve> How do you like my Hammond solo here?

<Mike_n_Amy> Bye Fred thanks for coming!

<Fred_Schendel> *poof*

<GHfan_Sam> fwahahaha

* Fred_Schendel has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)

<GHammerSteve> Oh, he's still here!

<GHammerSteve> lol

<GHammerSteve> Fred is a true genius by the way.

* Sun knows this

<GHammerSteve> Arjen on guitar here.

<GHfan_Sam> Sam is not surprised

<Sun> all of you guys are genius....great playing and writing

<zotzz> agree

<GHfan_Sam> no kidding!

<GHammerSteve> Thanks.  I get much help from above.

<GHammerSteve> The songs that I wrote, that you guys usually like the best ...

<GHammerSteve> were all prayed for.

<Mike_n_Amy> I love this part!!!!

<GHfan_Sam> me too!

<GHammerSteve> This 'tale' is mostly a true one.

<Mike_n_Amy> It weirds out Amy though..

<Sun> Music especially prog is very spiritual in nature....

<GHammerSteve> Well, it should.

<GHammerSteve> I agree Sun.

<GHfan_Sam> especially cool with headphones

<GHfan_Sam> his voice going back and forth...

<GHammerSteve> The vocals are run through a Leslie cabinet.

<Sun> I thought it might be a flanger

<Sun> shows you how what you hear is not always right

<GHfan_Sam> ha - the one time in my life i actually know what you're talking about when it comes to equipment!

<GHammerSteve> Ha! 

<GHammerSteve> That's probably the only song we ever tried that on.

<Sun> very what is the word, majestic

<GHfan_Sam> that makes me think of TROGDOR

<Sun> you have captured that

<DJBarryHobbit> I love the Leslie

<GHfan_Sam> ( thing)

<DJBarryHobbit> I have a leslie effect on me amp

<GHammerSteve> You wouldn't like it if it was stored in your garage though!

<DJBarryHobbit> I have a Danelectro Psycho flange

<DJBarryHobbit> HOHOHO in the garage!

<Sun> how old is that pedal barry?

<GHfan_Sam> Ok, i give up

<GHammerSteve> There's no room to park the car due to the equipment!

<GHfan_Sam> Never gonna understand that

<Sun> my first was a mxr flanger

<GHammerSteve> And its a two car garage.

<GHfan_Sam> yipes

<DJBarryHobbit> It is fairly new Sun

<GHfan_Sam> and how much of it did you have to drag to trenton?

<DJBarryHobbit> Danelectro is making stuff again

<Sun> cool

<DJBarryHobbit> My GEEEEtar is a Danelectro too

<GHammerSteve> This is a true story about a guy named Tom from long ago.

<DJBarryHobbit> With built-in FX

<GHammerSteve> Want to know the scary part?

<GHfan_Sam> yeah

<DJBarryHobbit> Yeah Steve?

<Sun> they make a reissue of the danelectro coral electric sitar now too I think

<GHammerSteve> He hadn't spoken with Fred in 20 years.

<GHammerSteve> Then, on the very day our album came out -

<GHammerSteve> He signed our guest book.

<GHfan_Sam> woah, dude

<DJBarryHobbit> Who sings that last song...sorry if I missed it!

<GHammerSteve> It was TOM!

<DJBarryHobbit> Wow!

<DJBarryHobbit> Great story

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - All In Good Time - Chronotheme

<GHfan_Sam> private entry?

<GHammerSteve> He did google searches on Chronometry and found us!

<GHammerSteve> Brad sings most of it.

<GHfan_Sam> let's see, that would be april 25, 2000?

<GHammerSteve> Real entry.

<GHammerSteve> DO NOT EMAIL HIM Sam!

<GHfan_Sam> I know!.3

<GHfan_Sam> *halo*

<GHfan_Sam> I will just read the entry

<GHammerSteve> Okay, maybe not the exact day.  But close.

<GHfan_Sam> that was the day, though right?

<GHfan_Sam> o am i mixing it up with the day that it was supposed to come out?

<GHammerSteve> He thought he could here the words "Heed this message Tom", in a Yes album.

<GHfan_Sam> because there was that nasty two week delay thing...

<GHammerSteve> We did put it in our album.

<GHfan_Sam> which yes album?

<GHammerSteve> Awaken on Going For The One

<Sun> must be the song awaken

<GHfan_Sam> I love that song!!!!

<Sun> jon does mutter several things

<GHfan_Sam> That's my favorite yes song because it reminds me of Heaven

<GHfan_Sam> ^_^

<GHfan_Sam> your song, i mean

<GHammerSteve> I do to.  That song was inspired by Calvin Miller's book - The Singer Trilogy.

<GHammerSteve> I got to meet Calvin Miller.

<GHfan_Sam> Who's he?

<GHammerSteve> Baptist writer and professor.

<GHfan_Sam> ah

<GHammerSteve> Theologian

<Sun> I always thought I heard jon say "play by yourself" on awaken too....but who knows

<GHfan_Sam> not surprised i've never heard of him then

<GHfan_Sam> that's cool

<GHammerSteve> Calvin didn't know about Awaken, but was proud to have inspired a Reba McIntyre song.

<GHammerSteve> lol

<Sun> lol

<GHammerSteve> Well, Barry - I have blabbed a lot.  I hope it wasn't too much.

<Sun> blab on

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - A Perfect Carousel

<GHammerSteve> You guys are too quiet.  I need to hear from you now :)

<Sun> now notice how this fits perfectly going into the next song

* Sun likes this a lot

<GHfan_Sam> lol

<GHammerSteve> We did a video of this.

<GHammerSteve> Brad play and sang the track live to one track.

* Sun saw this on video

<GHammerSteve> Or two as the case may be.

<Sun> he looks rather young

* Mike_n_Amy is now known as Kuhls_Eating_Pie

<Sun> or is it I am getting old?

<GHammerSteve> He's around 27 now I think.

<GHfan_Sam> he sings rather strangely

<DJBarryHobbit> Ohhhh pie!

<Sun> ah then I know it's me

<DJBarryHobbit> Pie is goooooood!

<GHammerSteve> I need pie.

<GHfan_Sam> through his teeth

<GHammerSteve> Lint pie please...

<Sun> nice swirly organ here

<Sun> it is like a carousel

<GHammerSteve> Fred on the organ, Steve on the tron and moogs.

<Sun> love the moog sound too

<GHfan_Sam> hmm... i see no "tom"-like entries in your guestbook... looking on page 16 and 17

<GHammerSteve> Well, that would be even scarier.  Cause he signed it!

<GHfan_Sam> unless he's bonzo the clown

<DJBarryHobbit> Are good friend Zotzz is going to let me go a tad long tonight

<Sun> thank you greg!

<DJBarryHobbit> So we can finish Chronometree in it's entirety

<DJBarryHobbit> REALLY appreciate it Greg!

<zotzz> no probs my man

<GHammerSteve> Who is ID Prog?

* GHfan_Sam has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)

<Sun> this song is powerful!

<DJBarryHobbit> Yes it is!

<GHammerSteve> The next one?

<DJBarryHobbit> Chronos Deliver!

<Sun> yes

<DJBarryHobbit> Yay!

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - Chronos Deliverer

<GHammerSteve> Thanks!

<Keith> ID Prog is a suppose to stop spammers...

<Sun> barry messed up the segue with his announcement...shame on you! :)

<GHammerSteve> This one is me on keys, Fred on steel, Walter on drums.

* GHfan_Sam has joined #dimensions

<Sun> wb sam

<Keith> wb Sam

<GHammerSteve> Susie, Sarah, Jamie (miss Tennessee), Fred and I on vocals.

<GHfan_Sam> :( it kicked me off or something

<GHfan_Sam> I like this song :)

<DJBarryHobbit> Welcome back Sam!

<Sun> refresh it sam

* Keith sets mode: +o GHfan_Sam

<Sun> or you mean irc?

<Sun> sorry

<GHammerSteve> Fred's first attempt at steel.

<DJBarryHobbit> I like the pedal steel

<GHammerSteve> Glory!

<DJBarryHobbit> Gloria in excelsis deo!

<Sun> it does sound like Glory

<GHfan_Sam> Beautiful

<DJBarryHobbit> *Barry sang that part in the Christmas cantata*

<GHammerSteve> Messiah?

<DJBarryHobbit> I wish

<DJBarryHobbit> Something a little more CCM-ish!

<DJBarryHobbit> I forget the name to be honest!

<Sun> I like the way the guitar answers this part coming up

<DJBarryHobbit> Ack!

<GHfan_Sam> I give up on the Tom search.  His name isn't even tom, (right?) and no one seems like they're tom like enough,.

<GHfan_Sam> *search

<GHammerSteve> Hmm...I'll follow up on it and let you know.

<GHammerSteve> Last name begins with a b.

<GHammerSteve> Maybe it was a private one after all.

<DJBarryHobbit> special guest coming up!

<GHammerSteve> Who?

<GHammerSteve> THANKS so much for playing GH !  We really do appreciate you!

<GHfan_Sam> Yeah!!!!

<GHfan_Sam> *groan*

<zotzz> lol

<GHammerSteve> Thanks zotzz :)

<GHfan_Sam> ;)

<Sun> Pig Farm on the Moon?

<Sun> lol

<GHammerSteve> Hey dude!

<Sun> waaaaaaup dude

<Keith> Hey what up! dawg!

<zotzz> later in the program

<zotzz> pig boys

* Sun oinks

<GHfan_Sam> too quiet

<Sun> Preaching off the pickup truck....sounds like Tennessee

<GHfan_Sam> *frightened*

<GHammerSteve> Tennessee is close to Brazil, isn't it?

<Sun> you rule dude!

<GHfan_Sam> closer than MN...

<GHammerSteve> Good job Zach!

<zotzz> cool

<Sun> just a few miles south

<zotzz> give him a job here

<GHfan_Sam> GO YOU!  YEAH!

<GHammerSteve> Want a job Zach?

<zotzz> wigwam

<GHammerSteve> <<<just kidding , we've got a drummer>>>>

<GHfan_Sam> A good one, too!

<Sun> tell Zack to listen to Salem Hill too

<GHammerSteve> Salem Hill - also from Tennessee.

<Sun> later Zack ;)

<GHfan_Sam> the elves might say "Alayambo!"

<GHammerSteve> Yes, great guy from nashvegas.

<Sun> you know Carl, Steve?

<DJBarryHobbit> Thanx for makin my son feel welcome guys!

<GHammerSteve> Carl?  Not sure.  I met some of the band.  We played a ProgDay with them.

<GHfan_Sam> A-la-YAm-bo, but pretty close

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - All In Good Time - Shapes Of The Morning

<GHammerSteve> Arjen on this song too.

<zotzz> no probs, if hes a prog freak we love him

<GHfan_Sam> :)  good stuff

<Sun> I always had a dream of getting you all and Carl Groves and Neal Morse together to write a big prog epic

<GHfan_Sam> Epic!  Yay!

* Sun can dream can't I?

<GHammerSteve> Neal mentioned he was interested in doing something with us.

<Sun> great!!!!!!!!!!

<Sun> that makes me very happy

<GHammerSteve> Rich Williams also offered to do some guitar soon.

<Sun> hope it comes off

<GHammerSteve> It might be the next album, cuz this one is almost done.

<GHfan_Sam> "2003", right?

<Sun> well as Neal would say..."It is in God's hands"

<GHammerSteve> ha!  I hope so Sam.

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - All In Good Time - Chronoverture

<GHfan_Sam> I still think it wont come out until next october

<GHammerSteve> It truly is in God's hands. 

<GHfan_Sam> hes got the Shadowlands... in his hands....

* Kuhls_Eating_Pie is now known as Mike-N-Amy

<GHfan_Sam> ok, stop singing right now... good sam...

* Sun sings...he's got the whole world in his hands

<GHammerSteve> Now that the title is settled, the promo train will start to roll.

<GHammerSteve> How was that pie?

<GHfan_Sam> like a new entry page for your site!? *gasp*

<GHammerSteve> Yep.

<GHfan_Sam> hee hee hee

<GHfan_Sam> will have some new stuff coming too...

<GHfan_Sam> fwhahahaha


<GHammerSteve> Hey guys, I'd like to invite you all to post to our GH forum.

<zotzz> will do steve

<Mike-N-Amy> Watchers of The Sky?

<GHammerSteve> We have a lot of cool entries, and silly bits of ....well...silliness.

<GHfan_Sam> Yes!  Please!  Talk to me!  I talk three times as much as the other forum members and that's only with ONE of my SNs!

<GHfan_Sam> ;)

<GHammerSteve> Sam is a true GH terrorist.

<GHfan_Sam> and an  TORK countdown!!!!

<GHfan_Sam> er... rotk

<GHfan_Sam> being a little lysdexic there

<GHfan_Sam> only 143 days!!!!

<GHammerSteve> I told Fred he has to play more hammond on the next album. 

<GHammerSteve> I love the hammond on this album.

<GHammerSteve> I don't care if he does sound like Keith E.

<Mike-N-Amy> Okay...have you figured out what Shepherd's Pie is yet Steve?

<GHammerSteve> Hmm...I ground beef, with mashed potatoes on top.

<GHammerSteve> Yes?

<GHammerSteve> Cool little jam here.

<GHfan_Sam> i was just thinking that

<zotzz> and cheese too steve

<GHfan_Sam> it's the brain waves

<GHfan_Sam> nummy

<Mike-N-Amy> well...Amy puts a gravy in hers and carrots and a crapload of Cheese on the top!

<GHammerSteve> Got to have cheese!

<GHammerSteve> Amy ROCKS!

<DJBarryHobbit> My Mom calls that something else

<GHfan_Sam> Behold the power of cheese...

<GHammerSteve> My wife adds onions.

* Sun likes da cheese

<DJBarryHobbit> But I cannot remember

<zotzz> peas and carrots

<Mike-N-Amy> yeah...onions there

<GHfan_Sam> my little bro took his first steps to try to get steal some cheese off the coffee table

<GHammerSteve> Sounds like a very hobbitish sort of meal.

<Mike-N-Amy> but don't let the kids know!

<Sun> lol sam

<DJBarryHobbit> Yes, indeed hobbitish

<zotzz> sure does

<DJBarryHobbit> Stealin the cheese

<GHammerSteve> Must add mushrooms though.

<DJBarryHobbit> I hanker for a hunka

<Sun> moe larry the cheese

<GHfan_Sam> definitely.

<DJBarryHobbit> A slab or slice or chunka

<GHammerSteve> Reference to Roger Dean in the lyrics there.

<zotzz> love mushrooms

<GHfan_Sam> onions too, mayhaps...

<DJBarryHobbit> I hanker for a hunka

<DJBarryHobbit> Cheese

<GHfan_Sam> how so?

<zotzz> magic?

<GHfan_Sam> roger dean?

<Mike-N-Amy> We'll put mushrooms in the batch we bring to Chattanooga

<DJBarryHobbit> Roger Dean needs to do a GH cover

<GHammerSteve> "floating islands in the sky"

<DJBarryHobbit> And logo

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - All In Good Time - The Waiting / Watching The Sky

<GHammerSteve> Roger Dean did the YES covers.

<zotzz> and the regular kind too

<GHfan_Sam> ah! *ding*.

<DJBarryHobbit> And ya need to put it on a T-Shirt

<GHfan_Sam> i got that much!

<DJBarryHobbit> And I will buy it

<GHfan_Sam> i'm young, but i'm learning!

<GHammerSteve> Roger was at NEARfest.

<GHfan_Sam> i saw him. :)

<DJBarryHobbit> *Barry needs a Glass Hammer t-shirt*

<GHammerSteve> We hung out!

<GHfan_Sam> So does Sam!!

<Sun> I heard that too...signing his books and DVD

<DJBarryHobbit> Hangin wid Roger!

<GHfan_Sam> Spiffy!

<zotzz> me too

<DJBarryHobbit> Cool!

<GHammerSteve> Someone suggested an "I Am Tom" t-shirt.

<GHfan_Sam> haha

<DJBarryHobbit> HO

<GHammerSteve> Fred fears the real Tom might whoop up on him though.

<GHammerSteve> whoop.

<GHfan_Sam> yeah...

<GHammerSteve> Terry  on the ebow.

<GHfan_Sam> just as long as there's a big nice GH logo and the website...

<Sun> the ebow is cool.....

<GHammerSteve> Gotcha!

<GHfan_Sam> and don't make them quite because that's always cheap quality

<GHammerSteve> Okay - no white.

<GHfan_Sam> I will wear it everywhere i go. ^_^

<GHammerSteve> Hey to all - THANKS for showing up and reading all the rambling.

<GHammerSteve> Heed this message TOM!

<DJBarryHobbit> Thank YOU Steve

<GHfan_Sam> Thanks for coming steve!!!

<DJBarryHobbit> Much appreciated

<GHammerSteve> And thanks for the pie, and for the lint.

<Sun> Thank you Steve....really enjoyed it

<DJBarryHobbit> Lotsa fun

<GHfan_Sam> I could add a couple more million exclamation points, but i'm trying to be calm and collected.... ;)

<zotzz> thanks Steve, nice talking to you

<GHammerSteve> All come to Chattanooga for the show...bring friends, and cotton for your ears.

<GHfan_Sam> henniad evyr!

<GHfan_Sam> lint

<DJBarryHobbit> Hope to be there!

<Sun> My hat is off to one of the best bands in the World today

<GHammerSteve> Or, stuff them with lint!

<zotzz> wish i could

<GHammerSteve> Keep checking our website for news.

<GHfan_Sam> not just one of. THE best!!!

<GHammerSteve> thanks zotzz for the extra time.

<GHfan_Sam> and my site too, because i update it more often. ;)

<GHammerSteve> I'll bid you all "good night".

<zotzz> no probs steve

<zotzz> no

<zotzz> bye

<Sun> I agree...I look forward to a GH cd more than any other band these days

<DJBarryHobbit>   Now Playing: Glass Hammer - Untitled

<GHfan_Sam> no recorder???

<Keith> Good Night Steve...thanks again for stopping by

<Sun> goodnight steve!!!

<GHfan_Sam> *sniff*

<Sun> looking forward to Shadowlands

<GHfan_Sam> Oh well.  I'll survive.

<GHammerSteve> You are truly welcome!

<GHammerSteve> My inspiration is the Lord.

GHammerSteve> God bless you all :)

<GHfan_Sam> Steve is way cool. :)

<Sun> you as well ;)

<GHfan_Sam> Alayambo!

<GHfan_Sam> No, i am!

<Keith> You guys come back and visit again

<GHammerSteve> !!!  I'm off to the Shadowlands!!!!  :)

<GHfan_Sam> Thanks, Barry!

<Sun> niter :)

<GHfan_Sam> namri, tenn' enomentielva!

* GHammerSteve has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)

<DJBarryHobbit> Blessings Sam!

* Keith changes topic to 'Flying Teapot Theater - On Air Now @'

<DJBarryHobbit> You are welcome

<GHfan_Sam> hsenna, everyone!

<GHfan_Sam> i gtg

<DJBarryHobbit> GREAT to have you, GH fan par excellence

<DJBarryHobbit> !

* Sun is going to reboot while greg gets setup, brb

<GHfan_Sam> ^_^

<Sun> nice to see you too sam

* GHfan_Sam has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)