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Yum!  Hot, fresh and tasty reviews.  A plethora of panoramic previews for your perusal. 

Reviews Barry has submitted to Web 'Zine-be sure to check out the Phantom Tollbooth for great music, concert, book and movie reviews from a Spiritual perspective.  Give 'em a click! Links in lovely orange!

Progressive Rock Reviews
Ah, I have died and gone to prog-rock heaven. 
Echolyn is a great American band that you should check out. Now. 
Gentle Giant the band is a pleasant memory now, but these two fine projects bring the memory into focus much better, and provide fitting closure to the career of a fine and original band.
Chattanooga Tennessee based prog-rock band Glass Hammer has stepped to the plate once again and pounded out a crowd-pleasing, cheer inducing home run! 
Glass Hammer is a group that deserves to be shared and heard by the masses and celebrated by Christians as an example of believers who create art without compromise.
Classic prog sounds with a modern feel
Mostly Autumn is a band that you'll want to pay attention to.
The Phantom Tollbooth's November, 2004 Pick of the Month. An incredible new progressive rock spiritual odyssey.
Phantom Tollbooth's CD of the month October 2003, and my pick for CD of 2003
Fans of sophisticated progressive music (ala’ King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, Peter Gabriel, Radiohead) will enjoy this alluring and hypnotic work. 
A rich, exciting, and enthralling work that challenges and entertains. 
Spock’s Beard hit like a lightning bolt of fresh musical ingenuity in a dry pop desert upon their arrival on the music scene
Spock’s Beard continues to create an unforgettable style of rock that is refreshingly different.
Go buy Snow, then by this.  You will thank me, I promise.
On paper it sounds fantastic-take four of the greatest progressive rock writers/musicians, put them together in the studio and on tour and allow them to cut loose.  In reality the results are even BETTER
Rock Reviews
Folks who enjoy effervescent, fun, jamming and melodic rock and roll will not want to miss Crunchy Clown School Dropout.
Oh, this one was FUN to review folks.  The Desert Fathers have created hour musical masterwork that defies description and demands repeat plays.
Kings X fans and rock fans in general will be pleasantly surprised at the strength of this offering from Gaskill
This is a Fogg you wont mind rolling into your day (ouch!)
Pilate has burst out to the Canadian music scene with Caught by the Window, a moody bit of genre-mixing eclectic pop-rock.
Beatles Tribute featuring Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater, Matt Bissonnette, and Paul Gilbert)-If you have to choose one Beatles related release this month, make it Yellow Matter Custard. Yum!
Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Reviews
Get ready to be transported to a pop rock wonderland of tasty sounds and melodies
Apologetix pops outta church with more of their brand of kid-tested, youth minister approved Sunday school rock parodies.
The Insyderz are a youth minister approved band that has fun while rocking and hey, that's not such a bad thing
Janira has released Time and Season--a classy twelve song project that features a tasty smorgasbord of blues, jazz, soul, rock and even a little funkiness thrown in the mix for good measure.  
Prescription is a group of earnest hard rockers with an ear for melody, hearts for God, and a desire to share the Truth wrapped in melodic and heavy rock.
Seeds is back with more of their brand of wonderful authentic late '60’s era psychedelic hippy-trippy folk rock
Not to be confused with the progressive metal group Wisdom Call!  This is a Christian pop release

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